LINGUIST List 5.250

Fri 04 Mar 1994

Qs: Arabic/Persian fonts, Gramcord, Collective numerals

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  1. William Dowling, request for Arabic/Persian fonts
  2. , Gramcord for Macintosh
  3. TONY HALL, Collective Numerals/Quantifiers

Message 1: request for Arabic/Persian fonts

Date: Tue, 1 Mar 94 17:12:13 ESTrequest for Arabic/Persian fonts
From: William Dowling <>
Subject: request for Arabic/Persian fonts

I am looking for Arabic and/or Persian fonts that I
can use in software I am writing. Free would be
nice, but I am willing to pay for a good comercial
font if I wouldn't also have to pay royalties on a
per unit basis. Just about any format would be ok.
Thanks for any suggestions,

Will Dowling (
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Message 2: Gramcord for Macintosh

Date: Thu, 03 Mar 1994 12:14:38 Gramcord for Macintosh
Subject: Gramcord for Macintosh

The Gramcord Institute has recently released acCordance and Gramcord for the
Macintosh. This software is capable of searching the Greek New Testament
according to user-defined grammatical, syntactical, positional, and lexical
constructions. Future modules include the Hebrew Old Testament and the
Septuagint. Several English translations are available.

I am in the process of building a group of individuals interested in purchasing
acCordance and Gramcord. The software normally sells for $350, but substantial
discounts are available to group buyers (starting at 24% for a group of 3, 32%
for a group of 6, and up).

For more information on acCordance and Gramcord and to express your interest in
a group purchase, please contact:

Steve Waechter
Mid-America Bpatist Theological Seminary
1255 Poplar
Memphis TN 38104


swaechterutmem1 (bitnet) (internet)

If you will give me your fax number, I can also send a four-page brochure with
more information on the program.
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Message 3: Collective Numerals/Quantifiers

Date: 3 Mar 94 16:26:20 BST
From: TONY HALL <>
Subject: Collective Numerals/Quantifiers

I am interested in those languages that have both CARDINAL numerals
[NumK] and COLLECTIVE numerals [NumColl] (however they may be defined)
and the different (or matching) syntactic scope of each. I am
familiar with the Slavonic languages (which I teach) and some of the
linguistic theory attached to them; I have also encountered studies
carried out in Maltese, Georgian, Irish, and Arabic. (References can
be supplied)

I should like examples of the following:

- where a language has the option of CARDINAL vs. COLLECTIVE -

A. collocations that FORCE [NumColl]
B. collocations that BLOCK [NumColl]
C. collocations that FAVOUR [NumColl]
D. collocations that FAVOUR [NumK]

The results I shall post once the data have been received. Please
reply to me directly at:

Thanking you all in anticipation for your help.
Tony Hall.**********************************************************************
*** Tony Hall
*** Department of Russian Language
*** University of Birmingham
*** Edgbaston Tel: +44 (0)21 414 3227
*** Birmingham B15 2TT Fax: +44 (0)21 414 5966
*** United Kingdom Email:
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