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Sat 17 Dec 1994

Sum: Reconstruction of Latin

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Message 1: Reconstruction of Latin

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 18:09 -05Reconstruction of Latin
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Subject: Reconstruction of Latin

 A week or two ago I asked whether anyone had ever tried to apply the
 methods of historical reconstruction to reconstruct a known (attested)
 language, then compared the result of reconstruction with the actual
 language. The answer is yes; thanks to Daniel Radzinski
 (, Deborah Yeager (, ??
 (, and Marc Picard (PICARDVAX2.CONCORDIA.CA),
 several of whom mentioned that Robert Hall had done a reconstruction
 of Latin on the basis of Romance languages. The reference is:

 Hall, Robert A., Jr. (1976) PROTO-ROMANCE PHONOLOGY. Elsevier.
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