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Tue 13 Dec 1994

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  1. Ann Lindvall, Japanese - thanks

Message 1: Japanese - thanks

Date: Mon, 12 Dec 94 12:50:37 +0Japanese - thanks
From: Ann Lindvall <>
Subject: Japanese - thanks

Lund 941210

To the Linglist readers,

Some weeks ago I published a query about the Japanese particle wa from a
semantic/pragmatic/functional point of view. I got an overwhelming response, and
with a suitable background of the Nobel Prize Day I wish to express my thanks to
all of you who responded, namely:

Saburo Aoki, Susan Burt, Satomi Currah, Osamu Fujimura, Akiko Hagiwara, Alan
Huffman, Shoichi Iwasaki, Mihoko Kubota, Kenjiro Matsuda, Kazuto Matsumura,
Steve Seegmiller (thank you in advance!), Melanie Siegel,
(I am sorry, but the name must have been deleted), Naohiro Takizawa. A summary
follows below.

With thanks

Ann Lindvall

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