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Thu 08 Dec 1994

Sum: Tagged Corpora

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  1. Janet Rowe, tagged corpora: summary

Message 1: tagged corpora: summary

Date: Thu, 8 Dec 1994 15:54:39 -tagged corpora: summary
From: Janet Rowe <>
Subject: tagged corpora: summary

This is a summary of the responses received to my question about
accessible on-line tagged databases (Nov. 17). Thank you to David
Palmer, Peter Christian, Martin Corley, and Cornell Juliano. -- Janet Rowe

1. Several German corpora FEare available through a system called COSMAS
 at the Institut fur Deutsche Sprache in Mannheim. If anyone knows the
address please let me know.

2. At least two English corpora are available. The British National
Corpus will be available soon through A very small

(but thoroughly tagged) corpus called SUSANNE is available from

3. The following reference may be very useful:
Edwards, Jane A. and Martin D. Lampert (eds.). DATE??? Talking
data: transcription and coding in discourse research. London and
Hillsdale N.J.: Erlbaum. 336 pp.
Chapter 10, by Jane A. Edwards, is entitled "Survey of Electronic corpora
 and related resources for language researchers".
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