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Mon 05 Dec 1994

Confs: Computational Logic for Natural Language, GLOW Call

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  1. , Announcement and CFP: Computational Logic for Natural Language
  2. Curt Rice, GLOW Call for Papers

Message 1: Announcement and CFP: Computational Logic for Natural Language

Date: Fri, 2 Dec 94 16:28:08 GMTAnnouncement and CFP: Computational Logic for Natural Language
From: <>
Subject: Announcement and CFP: Computational Logic for Natural Language

 Announcement and Call for Papers

 April 3-5, 1995

Applications to Natural Language Processing have always been one of
the major driving forces for the development of computational
logics. Conversely, techniques devised for computational logics (and
Logic Programming in particular) have often given rise to elegant
solutions for representing and reasoning with linguistic knowledge.
However, there is a danger that questions of common interest to the
two areas are pursued independently and possibilities for cross-
fertilization are ignored.

In Europe, the Esprit Networks ELSNET and COMPULOGNET connect
researchers within the two areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
and Computational Logic (CL). The LRE Initiative EAGLES has one
Working Group especially concerned with linguistic formalisms. The
joint workshop of the two networks and EAGLES is intended as a forum
where NLP researchers point out open problems that are likely to
benefit from CL techniques and CL researchers present achievements
that have potential impact on NLP.

The following questions are examples where we think such a
cross-fertilization is possible:

- Can one model phenomena like presupposition and negation in natural
 language in a computationally satisfactory way?

- Can non-monotonic systems of logic be adapted for applications of NLP
 in areas such as belief modelling, rhetorical relations and

- What kind of constraint languages are suitable for NL processing?

- Can attributive description logics developed in knowledge representation
 be used to enhance the expressivity of grammars?

The workshop will consist of invited talks and presentations of
selected papers on logical processing of NLP and on CL research having
potential NL applications.

Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract (4-5 pages) no later
than February 1, 1995.

Workshop Organisers
Suresh Manandhar (Human Communication Research Centre, University of Edinburgh)
Werner Nutt (DFKI, Saarbruecken)
Ewan Klein (Cognitive Science and Human Communication Research Centre,
 University of Edinburgh)
Joerg Siekmann (DFKI and University of Saarbruecken)

Preliminary Programme Committee
Hassan Ait-Kaci (Simon Fraser University)
Patrick Blackburn (University of Saarbruecken)
Jochen Doerre (University of Stuttgart)
Ewan Klein (University of Edinburgh)
Erik-Jan van der Linden (University of Amsterdam)
Gabriel Pereira Lopes (Universidade Nova de Lisboa))
Suresh Manandhar (University of Edinburgh)
Werner Nutt (DFKI)
Luis Moniz Pereira (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Joerg Siekmann (DFKI and University of Saarbruecken)

The workshop will be held at the Forth Bridges Moat House Hotel located
at South Queensferry in the outskirts of Edinburgh. The Hotel overlooks
the scenic Forth Bridge and is a short drive from Edinburgh airport. The
hotel has good facilities and full board accommodation at special rates
for workshop participants has been arranged.

Submission requirements
Authors are invited to submit by email an extended abstract (4-5 pages)
to reach us no later than 1 February 1994. The title page of the abstract
should contain a 5-7 line summary as well as a list of keywords.

Electronic submissions in plain ascii, self contained LaTeX or postscript
format should be mailed to the following electronic address:

The beginning of the mail should contain the following information on
separate lines:

Title of the paper
Name(s) of the author(s)

Hardcopy submissions would be acceptable although less preferred.
5 copies should be sent to:

Suresh Manandhar
University of Edinburgh
2 Buccleuch Place

 Deadline for submission: February 1, 1995
 Notification of acceptance or rejection: February 15, 1995
 Final paper due: March 15, 1995
 Workshop dates: April 3-5, 1995

Working Notes
Working notes will be available in technical report form at the workshop.

Other versions of the call

A LaTeX, postscript or plain ascii version of this call is available by
anonymous ftp from in :

directory: pub/clnlp95
files: call.tex,, call.ascii


This version of the call was prepared on November 30, 1994.
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Message 2: GLOW Call for Papers

Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 12:02:59 -GLOW Call for Papers
From: Curt Rice <>
Subject: GLOW Call for Papers

Call for Papers
18th GLOW Colloquium
University of Tromso
May 31-June 2, 1995

Abstracts are solicited for the 18th GLOW Colloquium, to be held May
31-June 2, 1995 at the University of Tromso. The Colloquium is being held
later than usual this year for various practical reasons and so that
participants have the opportunity to visit northern Norway under the
midnight sun.

The theme of the general session is `Primitives' and abstracts are invited
from all domains of generative grammar. The colloquium consists of 20
talks of 45 minutes each, plus discussion. Two-page abstracts should be
sent anonymously in tenfold, accompanied by a camera-ready original with
the author's name, address, and affiliation.

Send abstracts to:
GLOW Selection Committee
Department of Linguistics - ISL
University of Tromso
N-9037 Tromso

Abstracts must be received not later than JANUARY 15, 1995.

Abstracts will *not* be accepted by either email or telefax.

During the Colloquium, GLOW will host a Poster session for the first time.
Participation in the poster session, which has the same theme as the
general session, is reserved for students. Send three copies of a one
page abstract to the address above by January 15.

On June 3, 1995, we will host two GLOW Workshops, for which we also
solicit abstracts. One workshop has the theme `Inflection and word order
in Finno-Ugric languages' and one has the theme `Constraints in
phonology'. Send five non-anonymous copies of abstracts and a camera-ready
original, by January 15th, to Anders Holmberg (syntax) or Curt
Rice (phonology) at the address above.

Speakers at the general session and at the workshops, as well as poster
presenters, will be partially reimbursed for their expenses.

Additional information is available in the current GLOW Newsletter (Fall 1994)

The organizing committee can be contacted at (
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