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Thu 01 Dec 1994

Calls: South Asian ling, Corpora, Celtic ling

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  1. David Stampe, Call for Papers: Language and Prehistory in South Asia
  2. David Yarowsky, Call for Papers - ACL-95 Corpus Workshop
  3. , Celtic linguistics

Message 1: Call for Papers: Language and Prehistory in South Asia

Date: Wed, 30 Nov 1994 16:34:44 Call for Papers: Language and Prehistory in South Asia
From: David Stampe <stampeuhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
Subject: Call for Papers: Language and Prehistory in South Asia

(The previous call omitted the abstract deadline: Dec. 31, 1995.)

The Center for South Asian Studies, School of Hawai`ian, Asian and
Pacific Studies, University of Hawai`i, announces its Eleventh Annual
Spring Symposium entitled LANGUAGE AND PREHISTORY IN SOUTH ASIA, to be
held March 20 & 21, 1995 (Monday and Tuesday) from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
on the University of Hawai`i at Manoa campus.

Papers are invited up to thirty minutes in length, focusing on any
aspect of the structure, use, and history of any of the modern or
classical languages of South Asia (including Afghanistan, Bangladesh,
Bhutan, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sikkim, Sri Lanka, and Tibet) as
well as relationships and contacts among the languages of this area
and between these languages and the languages of mainland and insular
South East Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, Western Asia, Africa or the
Pacific Islands (e.g. Fiji). The proceedings will be published in
Summer or Fall 1995.

Abstracts (one copy, one page, not anonymous) should be received by
Dec. 31, 1994, by Karina Bingham, Symposium Coordinator, Center for
South Asian Studies, Moore Hall 416, University of Hawai`i/Manoa,
Honolulu, HI 96822. Acceptances will be announced by Jan. 14, 1995.

For more information, contact Dr. Lawrence A. Reid, Dept. of
Linguistics, (808)956-3223 or
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Message 2: Call for Papers - ACL-95 Corpus Workshop

Date: Wed, 30 Nov 94 17:02:13 ESCall for Papers - ACL-95 Corpus Workshop
From: David Yarowsky <>
Subject: Call for Papers - ACL-95 Corpus Workshop

ACL's SIGDAT presents the


Preliminary Call for Papers

WHEN: June 30, 1995 - immediately following ACL-95 (June 27-29)
WHERE: MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


As in past years, the workshop will offer a general forum for new research in
corpus-based and statistical natural language processing. Areas of interest
include (but are not limited to): sense disambiguation, part-of-speech tagging,
robust parsing, term and name identification, alignment of parallel text,
machine translation, lexicography, spelling correction, morphological analysis
and anaphora resolution.

This year, the workshop will be organized around the theme of:

 Supervised Training vs. Self-organizing Methods

Is annotation worth the effort? Historically, annotated corpora have
made a significant contribution. The tagged Brown Corpus, for example,
led to important improvements in part-of-speech tagging. But annotated
corpora are expensive. Very little annotated data is currently available,
especially for languages other than English. Self-organizing methods offer
the hope that annotated corpora might not be necessary. Do these methods
really work? Do we have to choose between annotated corpora and
unannotated corpora? Can we use both?

The workshop will encourage contributions of innovative research along this
spectrum. In particular, it will seek work in languages other than English
and in applications where appropriately tagged training corpora do not exist.
It will also explore what new kinds of corpus annotations (such as discourse
structure, co-reference and sense tagging) would be useful to the community,
and will encourage papers on their development and use in experimental

The theme will provide an organizing structure to the workshop, and
offer a focus for debate. However, we expect and will welcome a diverse
set of submissions in all areas of statistical and corpus-based NLP.


 Ken Church - AT&T Bell Laboratories
 David Yarowsky - University of Pennsylvania

SPONSOR: SIGDAT (ACL's special interest group for linguistic data
 and corpus-based approaches to NLP)

FORMAT FOR SUBMISSION: Authors should submit a full-length paper
(3500-8000 words), either electronically or in hard-copy. Electronic
submissions must either be plain ascii text or a single latex file
following the ACL-95 stylesheet (no separate figures or .bib files).
Hard copy submissions should include four (4) copies of the paper.
Authors should consult the primary call for papers in late January for
updated specifications.


 Submission Deadline: March 10, 1995
 Notification Date: April 10, 1995
 Camera ready copy due: May 10, 1995


 Ken Church David Yarowsky
 Room 2B-421 Dept. of Computer and Info. Science
 AT&T Bell Laboratories University of Pennsylvania
 600 Mountain Ave. 200 S. 33rd St.
 Murray Hill, NJ 07974 USA Philadelphia, PA 19104-6389 USA
 e-mail: email:
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Message 3: Celtic linguistics

Date: Wed, 30 Nov 1994 20:55:46 Celtic linguistics
From: <>
Subject: Celtic linguistics


 Preliminary posting and call for papers

A conference on the formal linguistics of the Celtic languages will
be held in University College Dublin on June 22-23 1995.
Abstracts are invited for 30-minute talks on all aspects of
theoretically-oriented research on the Celtic languages. Please
submit 4 copies of a 1-page abstract (3 anonymous and one camera-
ready copy with name, affiliation etc.) to the address below.
Abstracts must be received by February 15th, 1995.

Expressions of interest and requests for further information should
be sent to either of the following addresses [a more detailed
posting will follow in early January]:

or to

 Celtic Linguistics Conference
 Department of Linguistics
 University College Dublin
 Belfield, Dublin 4
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