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Fri 25 Nov 1994

Sum: Final Voiceless Velar Fricative -) Stop

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Message 1: Final Voiceless Velar Fricative -) Stop

Date: Thu, 24 Nov 94 20:14:27 ESFinal Voiceless Velar Fricative -) Stop
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Subject: Final Voiceless Velar Fricative -) Stop

In response to a query about any language where a final voiceless
velar fricative changed regularly to a stop, Wayles Browne supplied
the example of some Montenegrin dialects of Serbo-Croatian.


Pavle Ivic', Die serbokroatischen Dialekte, I., Mouton & Co., The
Hague 1958, p. 145, 213

Radosav Bos"kovic', " O prirodi, razvitku i zamenicima
glasa h u govorima Crne Gore ", in his book _Odabrani c"lanci i
rasprave_, Titograd 1978. The same book has a French summary of a
work he wrote together with M. Mal/ecki, _Przegla,d dialekto'w
starej Czarnogo'ry_.

Pavle Ivic', ed., _Fonolos"ki opisi srpskohrvatskih/
hrvatskosrpskih, slovenac"kih i makedonskih govora obuhvac'enih
Ops"teslovenskim lingvistic"kim atlasom_ = Posebna izdanja Knjiga
LV, Odjeljenje drus"tvenih nauka Knjiga 9, Sarajevo: Akademija
nauka i umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine 1981.

I have also found that some southern Polish dialects exhibit an
identical sound change, as discussed in:

Dejna, Karol. 1973. Dialekty polskie. Wroc~aw--Warsaw--Cracow--
Gda~sk: Ossolineum.

For additional comments and suggestions I would like to thank:

Steven Johnson
Lar Martin Fosse
Jakob Dempsey
Kevin Donnaile
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