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Mon 21 Nov 1994

Sum: Concepts unknown in Dutch

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  1. Paul Olierook, SUMM: Concepts unknown in Dutch

Message 1: SUMM: Concepts unknown in Dutch

Date: Mon, 21 Nov 94 10:28:51 GMSUMM: Concepts unknown in Dutch
From: Paul Olierook <>
Subject: SUMM: Concepts unknown in Dutch

Summary: Concepts not known in Dutch

A couple of weeks ago I posted a question re. the concepts in
English and American, which were unknown in Dutch.
I would like to thank all who contributed to the list below,
which I have compiled from the replies.
The reason for the request was to incorporate some examples in
a CALL programme (L2 = English). Using only contextsentences
as a means to derive word meanings, we would expect a low
success rate in a condition with such target words.
This finding might show that the context method is not the
best method for such words. I will publish the results hope-
fully next year.

Thanks Again.

Paul Olierook
Utrecht University

over & down 11-plus anchorman bagel baked / fried
basement bird boardwalk call waiting cereal cheeze
wiz chili chipmunk collard greens collect call
college condo convenience store corn syrup cranberry
sauce diner doggie bag donut dope dorm(itory)
drive-by shooting drive-in
field goal geek graduate student grand jury grits
hall pass home run ice cream floats inch
jack o'lantern maple syrup marshmallow fluff midship man
 minute man moron muffin nerd pantry pickup truck
pie poison ivy porch potluck precinct caucus quart
quarterback rumble strips scrum shopping mall sitcom
snow blower submarine sandwich subway token succotash
summer squash summercamp tabloid to relish
to bring / to take town meeting treasury tags trick or
treating tuna surprize turnpike turnstile twinkies
water fountain water cooler whipped cream whipping cream
wicket winter squash yard.
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