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Sat 12 Nov 1994

Sum: Chinese speech errors

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  1. YANG Wei, sum of Chinese speech errors

Message 1: sum of Chinese speech errors

Date: Thu, 10 Nov 94 14:05:18 PSsum of Chinese speech errors
Subject: sum of Chinese speech errors

 About 2 weeks ago I sent a query to LINGUIST list asking for
references on the topic of speech errors in Chinese. Thanks to all
those (9) who have kindly replied with information, advice and
questions. I am pleased that there are people out there who are
very interested in this topic, but disappointed to find that so
little research has been reportedly done in this field. I have read
a few papers on errors in Chinese handwriting, but not so much so
on reported oral errors. To sum up the references I got so far from
the LINGUIST list:
 (1) Shen, Jiaxuan. 'Kou Wu Lei Lei', Zhongguo Yuwen, 1992. 4.
 (2) Moser, David. 'Slips of the Tongue and Pen in Chinese',
 Sino-platonic Papers, No. 22, 1991.
 I am grateful that some responses have promised to keep looking
for further references, but I am still wondering about one question
that I keep asking myself: Do Chinese speakers make speech errors at
all? and if they do, do they err remarkably less than, say, English
Thank you.

Dept of Linguistics
University of Victoria
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