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Mon 07 Nov 1994

Qs: Celtic studies, Survey/aphasia, Voicing assimilation

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  1. Maria Wolters, Celtic studies
  2. Kirrie Ballard, Survey of narrative for persons with aphasia--addendum
  3. , Query: Voicing Assimilation

Message 1: Celtic studies

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 19:21:20 +Celtic studies
From: Maria Wolters <>
Subject: Celtic studies

Dear list,

I am compiling a list of Celtic Studies programs/classes and
Departments of Celtic around the world.
I have already had a great many contributions. Many thanks to all who
helped !!
However, for many universities I am still lacking some parts of the
information I need.
Below, there is a list of these universities,
followed by a list of those universities
already featured with all necessary information.

I`m looking for the following informations:

Please reply to:

Thank you for your cooperation!

Maria Wolters


I need more info on:

I. Europe

Humboldt-Universitaet Berlin
University of Osnabrueck
University of Wales at Aberyswyth, Lampeter
University of Aberdeen
University of Glasgow
University of London (Courses)
University of Liverpool (Courses)
Trinity College, Dublin
University College Galway
University of Leiden
Universit'e de Bretagne Occidentale (Teachers, Courses, Degrees)
Universit'e de Rennes 2 (Teachers, Courses, Degrees)

II. America

American University
Boston College
Catholic University of America
University of Cincinnati
University of Guelph
Harvard University
Memorial University, Newfoundland
University of Ottawa
University of Pennsylvania
St. Mary's University, Halifax
Temple University
University of Toronto
Queens College

III. Australia

University of Sydney

I already have complete info on:

I. Europe:

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet Bonn
University of Freiburg
University of Innsbruck
University of Marburg
University of Edinburgh
University of Manchester
University of Utrecht
University of Lublin
University of Zagreb
University of Jerusalem

II. America

Ball State University
University of Washington, Seattle
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Message 2: Survey of narrative for persons with aphasia--addendum

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 13:50:50 -Survey of narrative for persons with aphasia--addendum
From: Kirrie Ballard <>
Subject: Survey of narrative for persons with aphasia--addendum

This an addendum to a previous message from a friend of mine (Maureen
Stemmelen) that asked subscribers to complete a survey. This clarification
is in response to some queries some people had regarding the survey.

The purpose of the survey was to gather data from normal people in order to
design better narrative elicitation tasks for subjects with aphasia. These
tasks will be used with American residents only, which explains the
cultural bias in the survey. Thank you for your participation. The survey
is attached to refresh your memory as to what we are talking about!

Kirrie Ballard
& Maureen Stemmelen (


The results from this survey will be utilized in a research project
designed to examine the language of aphasic speakers. Results of this
survey will remain confidential. Please do not write your name on this

Identifying Information

Today's date:
Your birth date:
Highest level of education:
Present or most recent job:
male female (asterisk one)
Country of residence:

In the spaces below, please list five 'stories' from which you could recall
the general plot, some of the major characters, possibly some details
important to the storyline, and provide a short narration of if given some
reminders of the story (such as pictures). These 'stories' could be such
things as children's books, fables or fairy tales, adult books, movies,
plays, etc. Please fill in all of the blanks.






Please asterisk those items that you would be able to talk about in
sufficient detail for approximately ten minutes. Asterisk all that apply.

World War II
Your closest friend
Learning to drive
The bombing of Japan
The Challenger disaster
Vietnam Apollo 11
Graduating from high school
The fall of communism in eastern Europe
Your first job
The Gulf War
Kennedy's assassination
Your earliest memories of school
The Depression
The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King
The current U.S. President
Your present or most recent job
Your first date D-Day
The civil rights movement
The Cold War
Your most memorable vacation

Thank you for your participation.
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Message 3: Query: Voicing Assimilation

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 94 15:46:21 ESTQuery: Voicing Assimilation
From: <>
Subject: Query: Voicing Assimilation

I know of two languages where voiced fricatives devoice
after a voiceless obstruents, even though voiced stops
cause the preceding voiceless obstruent to voice instead
(Dutch and within certain domains, Polish). I am wondering
if there are other examples.
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