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Sum: Expletives

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  1. "Cari Spring", SUM-EXPLETIVES


Date: 3 Nov 1994 14:58:17 -0800 SUM-EXPLETIVES
From: "Cari Spring" <>

 Subject: Time:4:03 PM

Thanks very much to Laurie Bauer, Janet Cahn, Kate Burridge, Evan Smith, Paul
Foulkes, Timothy Jay, Rembrandt Klopper, Mary Ellen Ryder, Jane Hill, Don
Churma, Richard Hirsch for their replies to our query about expletives.

A summary of (more and less complete) bibliographic references provided by
these people follows (this list is not in alphabetical order).

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"Bad Language"

 --Chris Knoff
 --Cari Spring
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