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Wed 02 Nov 1994

Sum: Language requirements for teachers

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Message 1: language requirements for teachers

Date: Mon Oct 31 12:01:32 CST 19language requirements for teachers
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Subject: language requirements for teachers

A few weeks ago I directed a query at linguists ensconsed in English
departments. I wanted to know what the language course requirements (i.e.,
intro to ling., History of English, etc.) were for English majors,
particularly those planning to be high school or elementary school teachers.
I only got a half-dozen replies. Thanks so much to those six.

Out of the six universities represented by the six respondants, two required
six credits (two courses) for both English majors and English majors who
intend to teach. The other four require only three credits for simple majors,
but six for those who intend to be teachers.

Armed with this information I went to the curriculum committee prepared to
defend our current six credit requirement for students seeking a teaching
certificate. There had been a proposal introduced to reduce it to three. I
made my case for about five minutes. When I was finished, the other members
of the committee looked at each other, shrugged, and withdrew the proposal to
reduce the language requirement.

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