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Sat 29 Oct 1994

Calls: Children/Social Competence, Multiling city, Portuguese

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  1. Ian Hutchby, Conference: Children and Social Competence
  2. Hartmut Haberland, Multilingual and multicultural city
  3. , call for papers-Portuguese Linguistics

Message 1: Conference: Children and Social Competence

Date: Mon, 24 Oct 94 15:48:39 GMConference: Children and Social Competence
From: Ian Hutchby <>
Subject: Conference: Children and Social Competence

Call for Participation



Challenges to the traditional socialisation and developmental models of
childhood are currently being made from within a variety of disciplines,
including sociology, linguistics, psychology, anthropology and education.
Increasingly, children are being seen as competent social agents, rather
than as less developed versions of adults. These challenges pose critical
questions for how we understand the social worlds of pre-adolescent
children and their relationships with each other, as well as with adults.
This international conference will bring together researchers from various
disciplines to further our understanding of these issues, their theoretical
implications and methodological consequences.

We are now inviting proposals for papers which address the following and
related topics:

 *Childhood viewed as an arena of social competence, vs. childhood
 viewed as a process of socialisation.
 *Children as social agents.
 *The use of language in children's peer group interaction.
 *The forms of social organisation constructed by children in peer
 group activities.
 *The relationship between gender, peer groups, language and/or
 *Cross-cultural dimensions of children's social competence.
 *Methodological implications of the shift from a socialisation/
 developmental paradigm to a social competence model of childhood.

Proposals are invited in the form of a one page abstract (250-300 words).
The deadline for submission is 28 February 1995. Successful authors will be
informed by 31 March 1995.

Reduced registration (payable by 28 Feb 1995): 30
Full registration (payable by 23 June 1995): 50
Accomodation plus meals: 100
Meals only package: 50

Registration forms are available on request from the organisers, to whom
abstracts (2 copies) should also be addressed:

 Ian Hutchby and Jo Moran-Ellis
 Department of Sociology
 University of Surrey
 Surrey GU2 5XH


Ian Hutchby
Social and Computer Sciences Research Group, Dept of Sociology
University of Surrey, Guildford GU2 5XH, Surrey, UK
Tel +44 (01)483 259292 Fax +44 (01)483 259356 E-mail
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Message 2: Multilingual and multicultural city

Date: Wed, 26 Oct 1994 10:08:05 Multilingual and multicultural city
From: Hartmut Haberland <>
Subject: Multilingual and multicultural city

 Copenhagen Congress on

 Royal Danish School
 of Educational Studies
 at Copenhagen
 June 22-28, 1996

Copenhagen has been named the Cultural Capital of Europe in
1996. This has been taken as an opportunity by the national
and city authorities to organize a wide range of activities
related to the culture of an industrialized city, including
facets such as children's culture, popular culture,
multiculturalism, to mention just a few. One of the events
taking place is an international congress for scholars in the
field of multilingualism and multiculturalism, with a European

The purpose of the congress is to review the international
research done with respect to the conditions of minorities,
the mutual relations between minorities and majorities on the
different levels of authority, and to establish a forum for
continuous collaboration and exchange among the researchers in
multiculturalism. The congress will cover five main themes.

 1. Levels of Power and Cultural Dominance in Europe

 2. Multiculturalism and the Media

 3. Multiculturalism in Schools and Day Care Institutions

 4. Business and the Minorities

 5. Survival and Disappearance of Minority Languages and

For each of the five main themes we have invited one keynote
speaker and a commentator. The keynote speaker will present a
written research review, a state of the art article, which
will be presented to the participants prior to the congress in
1996. The commentator will comment and put he research review
in perspective. The keynote speakers will be asked to deliver
written contributions in the fall of 1995, so their
contributions can be sent to tte congress participants early
enough to give everybody time to read the articles before the
congress. Among the contributing scholars are Guus Extra, John
Edwards, Sonja Novak-Lukanovic, Robert Phillipson, Wuoko
Knocke, Suzanne Romaine, Kenneth Hyltenstam, and Charles

The congress will take place at the Royal Danish School of
Educational Studies at Copenhagen on June 22-28, 1996. The
congress will be organized with plenary sessions in the
mornings, sections and workshops in the afternoons, and also
exhibitions. The plenary sessions with short lectures by the
keynote speakers, comments by the commentators, and possibly
panel discussions will each deal with one of the five main
themes. Sections and workshops will be timetabled under the
same main themes. There are plans for a book exhibition with
international and Danish publishers.

We hope to be able to offer cheap accomodation in student
housing facilities close to the congress site. There will also
be a rich cultural and social program for the participants and
accompanying guests.

You are kindly invited to participate in the congress, and to
present a paper. We also encourage you to suggest topics for
workshops, papers etc. Please fill out the form and return it
to the organizers before March 15, 1995. A second circular
will be issued later in 1995.

We expect a rich and intensive June in Copenhagen. Large
resources will be invested in the Cultural Capital project.
The city will be active and colorful with lots of events,
exhibitions, and goings-on. We hope to hear from you soon, and
look forward to receiving you here in 1996.

Anne Holmen Karen Risager J|rgen Gimbel
Christian Horst Steffen Johannessen Normann J|rgensen

 Preliminary Registration for the
Copenhagen Congress on The Multilingual and Multicultural City
 June 22-28, 1996

Name: ___________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________
Phone: __________________ Fax:_____________________
E-mail: ___________________________________________
Title of paper:

Comments, suggestions:___________________________________

Send to: Center for Multicultural Studies, Royal Danish
School of Educational Studies, Emdrupborg, DK-2400 Copenhagen
NV. Fax: (45) 39 69 25 50. e-mail: or
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Message 3: call for papers-Portuguese Linguistics

Date: Sat, 29 Oct 1994 12:09:09 call for papers-Portuguese Linguistics
From: <>
Subject: call for papers-Portuguese Linguistics

I am organizing a panel on Portuguese Linguistics during the
1995 AATSP meeting (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and
Portuguese), to be held in August 9-11, in San Diego, Ca.
I would like to invite proposals on any topic related to Portuguese
Linguistics. Papers may be in Portuguese or English. Please submit
abstracts before December 1, 1994 to:
Ana Maria Carvalho
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, Ca 94720

Ana Maria.
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