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Mon 24 Oct 1994

Confs: Text and Discourse, Natural Language Processing

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  1. Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Society for Text and Discourse annual meeting (announcement)
  2. "Ruslan Mitkov", Conference

Message 1: Society for Text and Discourse annual meeting (announcement)

Date: Sun, 23 Oct 1994 15:15:25 Society for Text and Discourse annual meeting (announcement)
From: Morton Ann Gernsbacher <>
Subject: Society for Text and Discourse annual meeting (announcement)

ANNOUNCING the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Society for Text and Discourse

Saturday and Sunday, July 22 and 23, 1995

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

We are pleased to announce the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Society for Text
and Discourse. The meeting will be held at the University of New Mexico,
Albuquerque, in conjunction with the Linguistic Society of America Summer

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Society for Text and Discourse will begin
Saturday morning, July 22nd, and will end around noon on Sunday, July 23rd.
Presentations at the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Society for Text and
Discourse can be in the form of POSTERS, SPOKEN PAPERS, and SYMPOSIA. This
year, the Governing Board of the Society for Text and Discourse will hold a
competition for Outstanding Paper submitted and presented by a graduate
student. Up to three awards of $150 each will be made.

A Call for Proposals, including information about the Outstanding Student
Paper competition, will be sent out on this listserv (and by postal mail)
in late November. The deadline for submitting proposals for all
presentations will be February 15, 1995. Authors will be notified whether
their proposed presentations are accepted before April 15, 1995.

The Society for Text and Discourse is an international society of
researchers who investigate all aspects of discourse processing and text
analysis. The purpose of the Society is to consolidate research in
discourse processing and to enhance communication among researchers in
different disciplines. Therefore, we invite scholars from various
disciplines (e.g., psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence,
education, sociology, anthropology, communications, and philosophy) to
attend and participate in the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Society for Text
and Discourse. We also invite you to join the Society for Text and

Membership in the Society for Text and Discourse includes a subscription to
the Society's journal, <Discourse Processes>. The membership fee for U.S.
and Canadian members is $65 ($50 is applied to the subscription for
<Discourse Processes>). The membership fee for non-U.S., non-Canadian
members is $70 ($60 is applied to the subscription for <Discourse

For further information concerning the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Society
for Text and Discourse, please contact:

Dr. Susan Goldman
(615) 343-8387

For further information about joining the Society for Text and Discourse,
please contact:

Dr. Charles R. Fletcher

Or write to:

The Society for Text and Discourse
Department of Psychology
University of Minnesota
75 E. River Rd.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Ph.D.
Bartlett Professor of Psychology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1202 W. Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53706-1611
(608) 262-6989 [fax (608) 262-4029]

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Message 2: Conference

Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 16:18:53 Conference
From: "Ruslan Mitkov" <>
Subject: Conference



14-16 September 1995
Velingrad, Bulgaria

Topics of interest

Papers reporting on recent advances in all aspects of Natural Language
Processing and Language Engineering are invited, including but not limited to:
pragmatics, discourse, semantics, syntax, and the lexicon;
phonetics, phonology, and morphology; text understanding and generation;
multilingual NLP, machine translation, machine-aided translation, translation
aids and tools; corpus-based language processing; written and spoken natural
language interfaces; knowledge acquisition; text summarization; computer-
assisted language learning; language resources; evaluation, assessment and
standards in language engineering; and theoretical and application-oriented
papers related to NLP of every kind.

The conference welcomes also new results in NLP based on modern
alternative theories and methodologies to the mainstream techniques of
symbolic NLP such as analogy-based, statistical, connectionist as well
as hybrid and multimedia approaches.

In general, the conference especially welcomes any contribution to the
area of language engineering in view of the imminent developments in
information technology.

Program committee

B. Boguraev (Apple Computer, Cupertino)
C. Boitet (IMAG, Grenoble)
K.S. Choi (KAIST, Taejon)
A. DeRoeck (University of Essex)
R. Delmonte (University of Venice)
S. Fincher (University of Edinburgh)
J. Haller (IAI, Saarbruecken)
P. Jacobs (SRA, Arlington)
A. Joshi (University of Pennsylvania)
L. Kartunen (Xerox Grenoble)
R. Kittredge (University of Montreal)
K. Kukich (Bellcore, Morristown)
C. Martin-Vide (University Rovira i Virgili)
Y. Matsumoto (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
K. McKeown (Columbia University)
R. Mitkov (IAI/Institute of Mathematics)
S. Nirenburg (New Mexico State University)
H. Somers (UMIST, Manchester)
P. Seuren (University of Nijmegen)
O. Stock (IRST, Trento)
B. Tsou (City Polytechnic of Hong Kong)
J. Tsuji (UMIST, Manchester)
D. Tufis (Romanian Academy of Sciences)
Z. Yusoff (University Science Malaysia)
M. Zock (LISMI, Orsay)

Paper submission

Papers not exceeding 3500 words should be submitted via Email
(preferably as plain text or LATEX format) not later than 15 April 1995 to:

If electronic submission is problematic (e.g. due to non-standard
format, characters, graphics) not possible, 4 copies of the paper should

Ruslan Mitkov
Martin-Luther str. 14
D-66111 Saarbruecken

not later than 20 April 1995.

The submissions will be reviewed by three members of the program
committee and authors will be notified of acceptance/rejection of their papers
by June 1995. Camera-ready versions of the accepted papers will be due
on 20 July 1995.

Invited speakers

The invited speakers of the conference are outstanding academics
including A. Joshi (University of Pennsylvania) and J. Tsuji (UMIST,


The town of Velingrad is situated in a picturesque valley in the
Western Rhodope mountains and is only 130km from Sofia, the capital
of Bulgaria. The local organizers will provide a daily shuttle bus/
conference taxi from the Sofia airport to the conference location
at an inexpensive rate. Sofia is easily accessible by plane from most
of the major European cities (e.g. daily flights or several flights
per week from Frankfurt, London, Paris, Zurich, Vienna and other European
cities). There are also direct flights to Sofia from North America
(Washington) and Asia (Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur).

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee of the Conference includes
Ruslan Mitkov (IAI Saarbruecken/Institute of Mathematics Sofia),
Michael Zock (LIMSI, Orsay), Manfred Kudlek (University of Hamburg),
Nikolai Nikolov (Incoma/School of Computational Linguistics Bulgaria),
Nicolas Nicolov (University of Edinburgh).

Conference information

For further information please contact Mr. Nicolas Nicolov, Email Local Email addresses, faxes and
telephone numbers will be given at a later date.

Conference Listserv

Conference Listserv will soon be set up and details will be given in
the second call for papers.

Related events

Conference participants are also invited to take part in the
International Summer School "Contemporary Topics in Computational
Linguistics", which will take place just before the conference in
Tzigov Chark, Batak Lake, only 20 km from Velingrad.
Further information on the summer school can be obtained from
Prof. R. Mitkov, Email or Mr. Nicolas Nicolov,

Industrial participants / Publishing companies

Industrial participants are invited to demonstrate their NLP-
related products as well as publsihing companies to exhibit their
new books on NLP. Company representatives should inform Mr. Nicolas
Nicolov (Email of their intention and
publishing houses should contact Dr. Mitkov at

Alternative program

An alternative program can be arranged for persons accompanying
delegates. Among the places which can be visited is Plovdiv, the
second largest and oldest Bulgarian city, beautifully situated on
7 hills 80 km away from Velingrad.

Second Call for Papers

A second call for papers, including more information on invited talks,
conference location and registration fees is due to come out in January
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