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Sun 23 Oct 1994

Sum: Donating journals

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Message 1: Donating journals

Date: Tue, 18 Oct 94 20:36:40 CSDonating journals
Subject: Donating journals

 A few weeks ago I posted an inquiry about what libraries
would appreciate donations of back issues of _Language_.
Below, in condensed form, are the responses I received.
 Some explicitly said
they could use both _Language_ and other journals.
 I repeat my suggestion that potential donors communicate with
the specific library or contact person BEFORE sending any journals,
to avoid duplication.
 Also to avoid duplication, note that I have arranged to send
_Language_ vols. 49-69 (1973-1993) to Huelva (see below).
 For donors in the U.S. who are curious about the cost of sending
bulky journals abroad, the Post Office informs me that the cheapest
rate is 72 cents a pound (15 lb. and up),
using a canvas "M Bag" provided by the post office,
and to Spain it could take 3 to 4 months.
 In addition to the people named below,
I thank David Pesetsky ( for his helpful response.

Lee Hartman
Department of Foreign Languages
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901-4521 U.S.A.


We are trying to build up our collection of journals and would very much
like to have back copies of Language as well as any other journals.
 Program in Applied Linguistics
 718 Commonwealth Avenue
 Boston University
 Boston, Mass. 02215
or e-mail

 From: (William Poser)
The University of Northern British Columbia is a brand new university and
has minimal journal holdings in linguistics. Back issues of _Language_ would
be very welcome.
Bill Poser

 From: paul agbedor <PAKA6UVVM.UVic.CA>
Dept. of Linguistics Library in the University of Ghana
(Communicate with him about which years and issues.)

The University of Huelva (Spain) became independent from the University of
Sevilla last year. Our main library is being inaugurated next week, and...
they will appreciate...donations...
...we have a program in English Linguistics and Literature.
 Juan Pablo Moras
 Department of English
 Universidad de Huelva

Michal Starke <starkeMIT.EDU> provided the following list
(each item begins with the surname of the person to contact):

 -- Veselovska "Universita Palackeho, Filosoficka Fakulta,
 Katedra Anglistiky, 77180 Olomouc, Czech Replublic

 -- Kobozeva DT & AL Philological Faculty, MGU, Moskva,
 119 899 Russia
 OR: Philological Faculty, MGU, Moskva, 119 899 Russia

 -- Cornilescu "Uni of Bucharest, Dept. of English, Spl. Independentei 58A
 70627 Bucuresti, Rumania"

 -- Plechtev "Bulgarian Dept, Univ. of Plovdiv,
 Tsar Assen 24, Plovdiv 4000"

 -- Lokmane "Dept. of Baltic Langs, University of Latvia
 Visvalza 4A, Riga LV-1011 Latvia"

 -- Marchenko , Tuchkov pereulok, Inst. Ling. Research,
 St. Petersburg, 199053 Russia

 -- Podolski "Dept. of English, Tallinn Ped. Uni, 25 Narva Mnt,
 Tallinn EE0100 Estonia"

 From: "James L. Fidel " <>
The Institute
of Social Sciences of the Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico, ...
about 2 years old, ... has ...
Lg. back to the 50's and through about the late 70's
(with some lagunas), ... wouldY appreciate any help we could get.
... would receive any other books on social sciences, especially
linguistics, as well as any other journals.
 Write either to the librarian...Y
 Dr. Masae Sugawara, Bibliotecario
 Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades
 Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla
Maximino Avila Camacho 208, altos
 72000 Puebla, Puebla, MEXICO
 ...or to me at this addressY
( or at, or at my
snail-mail PO box: James L. Fidelholtz
 A. P. 1356
 72001 Puebla, Puebla, Me'xico.
I emphasize that at this point we are omnivorous, and even duplicates
would help us with interlibrary exchanges, etc.

 From: ( Claudia Oliveira de Moura Bueno - BC)
We would appreciate receiving back issues of LANGUAGE.
Claudia Oliveira de Moura Bueno
Diretora do Sistema de Bibliotecas
Universidade Federal de Goias.
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