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Wed 19 Oct 1994

Disc: Go+verb

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  1. "Dr. Jacob Caflisch", GO + STRING, AWEIGH!
  2. Richard Ingham, Go + bare verb

Message 1: GO + STRING, AWEIGH!

Date: Mon, 17 Oct 1994 13:20:26 GO + STRING, AWEIGH!
From: "Dr. Jacob Caflisch" <>

Hello, all! I certainly am enjoying the latest *threads* in the ongoing
GO + X saga. Only today we have the *go + N* connection: *go Kreugering*
*go K-Marting*, *go Kuwaiting* (I think the first / i / doesn't belong,
since it is the morpheme for {belonging, or pertaining to}, right? It
was given as *go Kuwaitiing*). I guess we've already *gone Iraqing*
(instance in English where we get *Q* without *U*). So, from the threads on
the cybernet, I assume both major categories, V as well as N can generate
after *go*. That is as it should be, noting that English allows V and N
commonly as V and V+ing. *go parallelepipeding*(?)= drawing
parallelepipeds all over the paper.(?) Nice thing to do between grading
GB exercises & quizzes, nicht wahr? Jacob
 Dr. Jacob Caflisch, Sr.
 Theoretical Linguistics & Slavic Studies
 Russell Cooper Hall 440
 Div. of Modern Languages & Linguistics
 Univ. of South Florida
 Tampa FL 33620 USA
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Message 2: Go + bare verb

Date: Sun, 16 Oct 1994 17:34:58 Go + bare verb
From: Richard Ingham <>
Subject: Go + bare verb

Just a word to thank respondents who put me right on habitual go + bare
verb in US English. Of the dozen or so replies, most accept this use,
though a couple do not.
 Also, one person who'd lived around N. Orleans reported hearing things
like _I went eat_ there.
 Finally, a tip re any future example construction. More than one
informant appeared to have a pragmatic aversion to golf! Oh well.
 Presumably soccer is OK by now, though.

Richard Ingham
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