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Confs: Montreal--configurations, Alberta--reunion

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  1. CANAC MARQUIS REJEAN, Conference on Configurations, Program.
  2. , U of A Linguistics Dept. 25th Anniversary Conference

Message 1: Conference on Configurations, Program.

Date: Thu, 29 Sep 94 10:10:16 EDConference on Configurations, Program.
Subject: Conference on Configurations, Program.


 Universite du Quebec a Montreal
 25-27 Octobre 1994


Invited Speakers:
 Emmon Bach (Umass), Ken Hale and Jay Kayser (MIT), Richard
 Kayne (CUNY), Edward Keenan (UCLA), Keren Rice (UofT), Tom
 Roeper (Umass) Michael Rochemont (UBC) and Tim Stowell (UCLA).

Tuesday/Mardi 25 octobre DR-208

8.00 Inscription/Registration
9.00 Mot de bienvenue du recteur/
 Welcome by the President of the University
 Claude Corbo
I. Word-structure/syntax
 Presidente de seance/Chair: Anne-Marie Di Sciullo, UQAM
9.15 Invited Speaker
 Emmon Bach, UMASS at Amherst
 On the Grammar of Complex Words
10.15 Non-Projecting Features and X0-adjunction
 Jila Ghomeshi, University of Toronto
10.45 Pause
II. Word-structure/syntax
 Presidente de seance/Chair: Maria-Louisa Rivero, U d'Ottawa
11.00 Invited Speaker
 Keren Rice, University of Toronto
 Is a Template required? The Internal Structure of Inflection
 in the Slave (Athapaskan) Verb
12.00 Dejeuner/Lunch
III. Word-structure/Semantic
 Presidente de seance/Chair: Lynn Drapeau, UQAM
14.00 Invited Speaker
 Edward Keenan, UCLA
 When Morphology is Structural
15.00 Pause
IV. Word-structure/Semantic
 President de seance/Chair: Yves-Charles Morin, UdeM
15.15 Deriving Atomicity from Configuration
 Anne-Marie Di Sciullo, UQAM
15.45 Des Structures [V N] du Fongbe
 Aime Avolonto, UQAM
16.15 Projection of the Category Preposition
 Elizabeth Klipple, UQAM

Wednesday/Mercredi 26 Octobre DR-208
I. XP Structure
 Presidente de seance/Chair: Anne Rochette, UQAM
9.00 Invited Speaker
 Tim Stowell, UCLA
 The Decomposition of Clause Structure at Logical Form
10.00 Syntaxe des Adverbes et Structures Syntagmatiques
 Laenzlinger Christopher, Universite de Geneve
10.30 Pause
II. Adjunction
 President de seance/Chair: Daniel Valois, U de Montreal
10.45 Minimalism and Adjunction
 Denis Bouchard, UQAM
11.15 An Alternative of Right-Adjunction in the Analysis of
 Rationale Clauses
 Manuel Espa$ol-Echevarria, UCLA
11.45 Deducing the X'-Structure of Adjunction
 Geoffrey Poole, Harvard University
12.15 Dejeuner/Lunch
III. Adjunction
 Presidente de seance/Chair: Claire Lefebvre, UQAM
14.00 Invited Speaker
 Michael Rochemont, University of British Columbia
 Rightward and Leftward Movement
15.00 OVS en Kirundi et la contrainte d'equidistance
 Juvenal Ndayiragije, UQAM
15.30 Pause
IV. Adjunction
 President de seance/Chair: Mark Baker, McGill University
15.45 The Case of &-Adjunction to VP
 Ed Zoerner, University of California at Irvine
16.15 Against Extraposition as Adjunction: Evidence from Hindi
 Anoop Mahajan, UCLA
17.00 Vin d'honneur/Reception

Thursday/Jeudi 27 octobre DR-208
I. X' structure and adjunction
 Presidente de seance/Chair: Lisa Travis, McGill University
9.15 Invited Speaker
 Richard Kayne, City University New York
 The Antisymmetry of Syntax
10.15 LCA, Double Clitics and their Hosts
 Aronto Terzi, University of Ottawa
10.45 Pause
II. Movement and adjunction
 Presidente de seance/Chair: Monique Lemieux, UQAM
11.00 In Defense of Right-Adjunction for Head Movement
 Pilar Barbosa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11.30 Right Movement is not Possible, Right Adjunction Is
 Rita Manzini, University College London
12.00 Dejeuner/Lunch
III. Configuration and Binding
 President de seance/Chair: Mohamed Guerssel, UQAM
14.00 Invited speaker
 Tom Roeper, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
 Dynamic Morphology: The Interaction of
 "Abstract" Clitics, Complementation, and Binding
15.00 On the Configurational Character of
 Cognitive Values Interpretation
 Pierre Pica, Universite du Quebec a Montreal
15.30 Pause
IV. Configuration and syntactic/semantic relations
 President de seance/Chair: John Lumsden, UQAM
15.45 Invited Speakers
 Ken Hale and Jay Keyser, MIT
 Uniqueness in Lexical Syntactic Relations
16.45 Configurational Theta-Theory
 Jeff Gruber, Universite du Quebec a Montreal
V. Configuration and syntactic/semantic relations
 Presidente de seance/Chair: Madeleine St-Pierre, UQAM
17.15 On the Syntax and Semantics of With and Without
 Mireille Tremblay, Universite du Quebec a Montreal
17.45 The Active-Passive Configuration
 Teun Hoeskstra, University of Leiden

Alternate papers/Substituts:
1. Quelques problemes empiriques sur la directionalite
 Petros Degif, Universite du Quebec a Montreal
2. Adjunction and Uniformity
 Daiko Takahashi, University of Connecticut
3. On the Formation of Adjectival Passives in Italian
 Antonietta Bisetto, Universita degli studi di Venezia

 The conference on Configurations is jointly sponsored by the
Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada as well as by the
University of Quebec in Montreal.

 The Conference registration will be $25 for students and $45
for faculty and other participants.

For Information concerning directions, hotels, etc.:
Anne-Marie Di Sciullo
Telephone: 514/987-3519
Telefax : 514/987-4652
e-mail :

Rejean Cannac Marquis
Telephone: 514/987-4204
Telefax : 514/987-4652
e-mail :

Elizabeth Klipple
Telephone: 514/987-4776
Telefax : 514/987-4652
e-mail :
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Message 2: U of A Linguistics Dept. 25th Anniversary Conference

Date: 30 Sep 1994 17:00:39 -0700U of A Linguistics Dept. 25th Anniversary Conference
From: <>
Subject: U of A Linguistics Dept. 25th Anniversary Conference


This year the Department of Linguistics at the University of Alberta will
complete its 25th year as an independent department. In celebration of the
 event, a Reunion and Conference has been organized, which will be held
 on the University of Alberta campus from October 28-30, 1994. The
 Preliminary Conference Program is provided below, which features
 28 former students of the department and two former colleagues. The
 registration fee for the conference will be Cdn$35.00, or $15.00 for
 current graduate students of the department or members of the U of A
 undergraduate Linguistics Club. For further information or for assistance
 in arranging accommodations and/or transportation to and from the airport,
 contact Dr. Grace Wiebe at or
 at 403-492-8272(office) or -492-0806 (fax).

Finally, despite several weeks of diligent searching, we still do not have
 a current address or phone number for any of the former students whose
 names appear on the list below. If you have information that might help
 us contact any of these people in order to notify them about the conference,
 please send this to Dr. Wiebe, as well. Thank you very much.

List of Former Students for Whom Addresses or Phone Numbers are Sought

Restituto M. Cena (Ph.D., 1976)
Mayadevi Gante, (Ph.D., 1981)
Georgia E. Magnera (Ph.D., 1982)
Donald Watkins (Ph.D., 1970)
Foong-Heng (Irene) Wong (Ph.D., 1970)
Peter Harris (M.Sc., 1978)
Patricia E. Hunter (M.Sc., 1982)
Susan J. Innes (M.Sc., 1974)
Cathy Look-Howery (M.Sc., 1984)
Han-Yong You (M.Sc., 1979)
Pippa Bridge (B.A. Honors, 1980)
Kim Chan (B.A. Honors, 1990)
Wendy DeGraaf (B.A. Honors, 1989)
Ziya Faquih (B.A. Honors, 1986)
Marjory Meechan (B.A. Honors, 1989)

"Twenty-five Years of Linguistics at the University of Alberta:
A Showcase of Accomplishment in Research and Education"
October 28-30, 1994

Friday, October 28

1:00-3:00 On-site Registration (Assiniboia Hall, Fourth Floor)

3:00 Official Opening of Conference (Humanities Building, Lecture Theatre 1)
 Welcoming speeches by Chair of Department, Dean of Faculty [or designate]
 and by the University Administration

3:30-6:00 Academic Session (Linguistics as Training, Part I: Phonetics)
 (Humanities Building, Lecture Theatre 1)
Chair: Terry Nearey

3:30-4:00 Jean Andruski (M.Sc., 1990; SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow,
 University of Washington): "The effect of subphonetic VOT differences
 on lexical access"

4:00-4:30 Peter Assmann (Ph.D., 1985; Assistant Professor in the
 School of Human Development, University of Texas at Dallas):
"Speech perception in the presence of competing sounds"

4:30-5:00 John Ingram (Ph.D., 1975; Senior Lecturer in Phonetics,
 English Department, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia):
 "Loan words and cross language speech perception"

5:30-6:00 Murray Munro (Ph.D., 1992; Assistant Professor of
 Linguistics, Simon Fraser University): "Age of learning effects on
 the acquisition of English vowels by native speakers of Italian"

7:30-???? Welcoming Reception (Faculty Club, Main Upstairs Lounge)

Saturday, October 29

9:30-11:30 Academic Session (Linguistics as Training, Part II: Phonology)
 (Humanities Building, Lecture Theatre 1)
Chair: Bruce Derwing

9:30-10:00 Ed Cook (Ph.D., 1968; Professor of Linguistics,
 University of Calgary): "Sound change, preservation of mora,
 and functional unity of heavy syllables in Sarcee verb paradigms"

10:00-10:30 P. G. Patel (Ph.D., 1974; Professor of Linguistics,
 University of Ottawa): "Orality, phonological awareness and the
 emergence of the syllabo-phonemic Brahmi writing system in
Ancient India"

10:30-11:00 Sam Wang (Ph.D., 1985; Associate Professor of English
 and Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan):
 "The segmentation of Taiwanese syllables: A first appoach"

11:00-11:30 Grace Wiebe (Ph.D., 1993; Sessional Lecturer and
 Research Associate, Department of Linguistics, University of Alberta):
"Adults' creative spelling: Spelling and awareness of phonological units"

11:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-4:00 Professional Session (Linguistics as Education)
 (Humanities Building, Lecture Theatre 1)
Chair: Lois Stanford

1:30-2:00 Introduction: Jeff Bullard (B.A. Honors, 1979; Director of
 Canadian Identity Programs, Department of Canadian Heritage, Ottawa)

2:00-2:10 David Nahirney (B.A. Honors, 1973; Child Psychiatrist,
 Glenrose Hospital, Edmonton)

2:10-2:20 Ray Reid (Ph.D., 1977; Computer Consultant, Medicine
 Hat, AB)

2:20-2:30 Wendy Rollins (B.A. Honors, 1980; Law Partner, Field &
 Field Perraton, Edmonton)

2:30-2:40 Tom Welz (M.Sc., 1982; Programmer/Analyst, Language
 Resource Center, U of A)

2:40-3:00 Janet Schwegel (M.Sc., 1984; Owner/Manager, Paragraphics,
 Ltd., Edmonton)

3:00-3:10 Sandy Bellan (M.Sc., 1988; Social Researcher and
Consultant, Edmonton)

3:10-3:20 Diane Dennis (M.Sc., 1988; Social Researcher and
 Consultant, Edmonton)

3:20-3:30 Paul Bergen (M.Sc., 1989; Manager, Greenwood's
 Bookstore, Edmonton)

3:30-3:40 Satomi [Komai] Currah (M.Sc., 1990; Japanese Teacher,
Harry Ainlay School, Edmonton)

3:40-3:50 Rick Beinert (B.A. Honors, 1992; Master's of Divinity
 Student at Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton, and Vicar at St. Peter's
 Lutheran Church,
Leduc, Alberta)

3:50-4:00 Betty Karpinski (M.Sc., 1992; Sessional Lecturer and
 Research Assistant in the School of Native Studies, U of A)

4:00-4:30 Refreshment Break

4:30-7:00 Academic Session (Linguistics as Training, Part III: Cross-field
Interactions)(Humanities Building, Lecture Theatre 1)
Chair: Gary Libben

4:30-5:00 Jack Chambers (Ph.D., 1970; Professor of Linguistics,
 University of Toronto): "Primitive and learned features in sociolects"

5:00-5:30 Tracey Derwing (Ph.D., 1987; Associate Professor of
 Educational Psychology, University of Alberta): "The effects of
 word frequency and pausing on listening comprehension"

5:30-6:00 Paul Fletcher (Ph.D., 1973; Professor of Language Pathology,
 University of Reading, England): "The linguistic characterisation of
 specific language impairment"

6:00-6:30 Martha Smith (M.Sc., 1987; Doctoral Candidate in Reading,
 Language and Learning Disabilities, Harvard Graduate School of
Education): "The development of English derivational morphology
 and its relationship to reading ability"

6:30-7:00 Sook Cho (Ph.D., 1985; Associate Professor, Department
 of English, Sogang University, Korea): "Role of pragmatics and
 the acquisition of pronouns and word order"

7:30 Banquet (Faculty Club, Papaschase Room)

Sunday, October 30

10:00-12:30 Academic Session (Linguistics as Training, Part IV:
 Syntax and Discourse Analysis)(Humanities Building, Lecture Theatre 1)
Chair: Gary Prideaux

10:00-10:30 Matthew Dryer (Asst/Asso Prof, 1980-90; Associate Professor,
 Department of Linguistics, SUNY Buffalo): "Word order database software"

10:30-11:00 Ron Smyth (Ph.D., 1985; Associate Professor of Linguistics
 and Psychology, University of Toronto): "Aspects of syntactic coindexing"

11:00-11:30 Michiko Kawashima (Ph.D., 1987; Assistant Professor,
 Department of East Asian Studies, University of Alberta):
 "The development of reference switching and maintaining
 functions in Japanese"

11:30-12:00 Ming-Ming Pu (Ph.D., 1991; Assistant Professor
 of Language, Literature and Communication, Northern State
 University, South Dakota): "Reference tracking in both English
 and Chinese written discourse"

12:00-12:30 Russ Tomlin (Visiting Professor, 1988-89; Professor,
 Department of Linguistics, University of Oregon):
 "The cognitive basis of topic and focus"

12:30 Official Closing (Humanities Building, Lecture Theatre 1)

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