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Fri 30 Sep 1994

Confs: Berkeley Linguistics Society, Celtic Languages

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  1. BLS, Berkeley Linguistics Society Call for Papers
  2. John Thomas McCranie, Call For Papers - Celtic Languages

Message 1: Berkeley Linguistics Society Call for Papers

Date: Wed, 28 Sep 1994 08:36:23 Berkeley Linguistics Society Call for Papers
From: BLS <>
Subject: Berkeley Linguistics Society Call for Papers


 BLS 21


The Berkeley Linguistics Society is pleased to announce its
Twenty-First Annual Meeting, to be held February 18-20, 1995.
The conference will consist of a General Session and a Parasession.
A Special Session on areal topics will be held on February 17,
1995, in conjunction with the larger conference.

General Session:
The main session will cover areas of general linguistic interest.
Invited speakers include:
 YOUNG-MEE CHO, Stanford University
 JANE GRIMSHAW, Rutgers University
 MICHAEL SILVERSTEIN, University of Chicago

 Historical Issues in Sociolinguistics/
 Sociolinguistic Issues in Historical Linguistics
The parasession will emphasize new perspectives in both subdisciplines,
such as the recent social approach to historical data, the application
of sociolinguistic methodologies to the historical realm, and analyses
of linguistic data in progress. Invited speakers include:
 DEREK NURSE, Memorial University of Newfoundland
 SUZANNE ROMAINE, Merton College, Oxford University
 JOHN McWHORTER, Cornell University

Special Session:
 Discourse Topics in Southeast Asian Languages
For this year's Special Session we invite abstracts on discourse
in Southeast Asian languages from the perspective of conversation
and discourse analysis, pragmatics, narratology, ethnomethodology,
sociolinguistics, sociology of language, and related areas. The
scope of Southeast Asian languages includes Sino-Tibetan. Invited
speakers include:
 ALTON BECKER, University of Michigan
 JACK BILMES, University of Hawaii
 YUNG-O BIQ, San Francisco State University
 DAVID SOLNIT, University of Michigan

Abstracts are invited for all three sessions. We encourage
proposals from diverse theoretical frameworks and welcome papers
from related disciplines, among them Anthropology, Cognitive
Science, Literature, Philosophy, and Psychology.

Papers presented at the conference will be published in the
Society's Proceedings, and authors who present papers agree to
provide camera-ready copy of their paper (not to exceed
approximately 12 pages) by May 15, 1995. Presentations will be
allotted 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions.

We ask that you make your abstract as specific as possible,
including a statement of your topic or problem, your approach, and
your conclusions. To submit an abstract, send 10 copies of an
anonymous one-page (8 1/2" x 11", unreduced) abstract. (A second
page, or reverse side of the single page, may be used for data and
references only). Along with the abstract send a 3"x 5" card listing:
(1) paper title,
(2) session submitted to (general session, parasession, or
special session),
(3) for general session abstracts only, subject matter area, viz.,
Discourse Analysis, Historical Linguistics, Morphology, Philosophy
and Methodology of Linguistics, Phonetics/Phonology, Pragmatics/
Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, or Syntax/Semantics,
(4) name(s) of author(s),
(5) affiliation(s) of author(s),
(6) address to which notification of acceptance or rejection
should be mailed (in late December 1994),
(7) author's office and home phone numbers,
(8) author's e-mail address, if available.

An author may submit at most one single and one joint
abstract. In case of joint authorship, one address should be
designated for communication with BLS. Send abstracts to:
BLS 21 Abstract Committees, 2337 Dwinelle Hall, University of
California, Berkeley, CA 94720-2650.

Abstracts for the general session and parasession must be received
by 5:00 p.m., November 11, 1994. Special session abstracts must be
received by November 28, 1994. Inquiries of a general nature may
be sent by e-mail:;
however, we cannot accept e-mailed or faxed abstracts.
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Message 2: Call For Papers - Celtic Languages

Date: Tue, 27 Sep 94 11:44:44 PDCall For Papers - Celtic Languages
From: John Thomas McCranie <jtmfuton.SFSU.EDU>
Subject: Call For Papers - Celtic Languages

 Celtic Language Learning Conference
 Glendale, California, USA
 25 March 1995

 (second notice)

This conference is being organized by the North American
Association for Celtic Language Teachers. Abstracts for individual
papers are welcome on the following topics involving any one or
more of the Celtic languages:

 computer assisted instruction
 dialect choice in language learning
 language acquisition
 language and gender
 language learning materials
 language policy and planning
 language testing and teacher certification
 syllabus design

Papers will be twenty minutes long with a ten minute discussion
period following. Send three double spaced printed copies of a 300
word abstract with name, address, voice and fax number, e-mail
address, and institutional affiliation on the first copy. Second
and third copy should have no identification. Submit these in
printed form as well as the computer text by e-mail or on disk.
Disk files should be saved in ASCII format.

Send printed abstracts and e-mail or disk copies to:

 John T. McCranie
 Department of Computer Science
 San Francisco State University
 1600 Holloway Avenue
 San Francisco, CA 94132
 United States of America


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