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Wed 21 Sep 1994

Sum: Japanese Particles; "wa" and "ga"

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  1. Koichiro Kobayashi, Summary: Japanese Particles; "wa" and "ga"

Message 1: Summary: Japanese Particles; "wa" and "ga"

Date: Tue, 20 Sep 94 20:52:15 EDSummary: Japanese Particles; "wa" and "ga"
From: Koichiro Kobayashi <>
Subject: Summary: Japanese Particles; "wa" and "ga"

In early September, I asked for some information about the books on Japanese
Particles, "wa" and "ga." Fortunately, I've got several responses.
I would like to thank these people who gave me information. In addition, for
someone's future reference, I will list the titles of the books as follows.

>Alan Huffman <AAHNYCUNYVM>
 Takashi Aoyama / The Free-Floating Focus System in Japanese:Form-Content
 Analysis of WA and GA (Gengo Kenkyu; Journal of the
 Linguistic Society of Japan, vol.83, pp.41-60)

>Mihoko Kubota <>
 Clancy, P.A.(Ed.) / Japanese Korean Linguistics vol.2, 1993 (Standard
 Linguistics Association)
 Choi, S. (Ed.) / Japanese Korean Linguistics vol.3, 1993 (Standard
 Linguistics Association)
 E.H.Jorden w/M. Noda / Japanese:The Spoken Language, Part I, II, and III.
 1989 (Oxford University Press)

>Gerald B Mathias <mathiasuhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu.>
 Akira Mikami / Zoo-wa hana-ga nagai 1969 (Kuroshio shuppan)

>Karen Steffen Chung <>
 Rubin, Jay / Gone fishin': new angles on prerennial problems 1992 (Tokyo:
 Kodansha International)

>Lance Eccles <>
 Samuel E Martin / A Reference Grammar of Japanese

>Kazuto Matsumura <>
>E. Wayles Browne <>
>Judith N. Levi <>
>Donald L. Dyer <mldyerunsvm>
>Candace McKenna <>

and others.
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