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Thu 15 Jul 1993

Qs: English prepositions, Stemming, Phonetics Software

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  1. Denni Chiavarini, Query: Use of English Prepositions by Native Speakers
  2. , Word Stemming/Ref. wanted
  3. , Phonetics Courseware

Message 1: Query: Use of English Prepositions by Native Speakers

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 93 14:43:40 EDQuery: Use of English Prepositions by Native Speakers
From: Denni Chiavarini <DJC100GODUVM.bitnet>
Subject: Query: Use of English Prepositions by Native Speakers

In the process of doing research for my master's thesis on prepositions,
I have discovered that their usage varies from region to region of the
United States. Currently I am trying to gather information about these
variations from native-speakers in different parts of the country. I am
looking for people who are willing to complete the following set of sentences
taken from free writing samples of ESL students. My purpose is to find
out which prepositions native-speakers would use in place of the "errors"
made by these students.

If you would like to help, please complete the sentences with the prepositions
you would use. If there is more than one possibility please feel free to list
any or all of them. Also, if there are sentences that you feel do not need a
preposition in the blank just put an X. At the end you will find a place to
list any state(s) of the United States (any province(s) of Canada, or any other
English-speaking country) where you have lived that may have influenced your
choices. Knowing your occupation would also be helpful.

I will really appreciate all responses but will only be able to use those
sent before August 1. I will share my findings with everyone during the week
of August 22.

Please supply an appropriate preposition:

1. My parents lived in the house _______me in Puerto Rico.
2. ...and begin to put their energies _______achieving positive goals.
3. They are not ready to decide ______ their own.
4. The students are concentrating ______ their education.
5. We must take all factors ______ consideration.
6. Is the student puzzled or confident ______what is being taught?
7. I am sure no one is going to give anyone anything _____ a silver platter.
8. The use of solar systems can replace gasoline and reduce pollution ______
9. If we are to succeed _____this research...
10. We don't have to worry about an embargo or a cutoff____the supply of oil.
11. I like to get presents, especially _____my birthday.
12. She made a cake _____ me.
13. I am always thinking _____ her.
14. I lived _____ Fort Story for one year.
15. It was not unusual to see people in wigs because_____ that time people
 wore wigs a lot.
16. I was working ____ an employment agency.
17. When people put their index finger ____ their face...
18. My parents are worried _____ me.
19. They help me _____everything.
20. I am going to tell you about my family. I will begin _____ myself.
21. Taking their backgrounds _____ consideration...
22. Water combined _____ oil can cause problems.
23. I don't believe in abortion as the solution _____the problem.
24. When I first arrived _____ this country...
25. I am going to compare it based _____ the old people of Costa Rica and
 the United States.
26. Also, it is a vice _____which smokers spend a large amount of money.
27. I got married _____1977 and I went to live _____ a small city in the
 northwest of Spain.
28. ...but ____the other hand.
29. The World Series baseball game went ____overtime yesterday.
30. Later, I am going to an activity _____my church.
31. In the U.S., there were no women doctors _____1846.
32. All the children bring candy to school to share _____ the other children.
33. Every night I watch news and sports _____TV.
34. We arrived _____New York Airport, _____the United States, _____Dec. 1978.
35. I got a job _____New York City twelve days after we arrived.
36. I like this country because the people are great _____me.
37. ...because all of us laughed _____my jokes.
38. ...when a student is copying the answer _____ the student next to him.
39. When she dropped milk _____ the table...
40. He is _____the seventh grade.
41. The teacher should not deprive the disabled student _____ that right.
42. They shouldn"t continue hanging _______thoughts associated with the
 "good old days."
43. The U.S. should look _____ the rest of the world and learn about
 regulated health care.
44. She got married _____ him last year.

Places in which you have lived for five years or longer:
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Message 2: Word Stemming/Ref. wanted

Date: 14 Jul 93 13:21:37 EDT
From: <VAGELATGRPATVX1.bitnet>
Subject: Word Stemming/Ref. wanted

Can somebody please,
give me some references for articles - books on word stemming?

Aris Vagelatos
Computer Engineering Dept.
University of Patras
E-mail: vagelatgrpatvx1.bitnet
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Message 3: Phonetics Courseware

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1993 18:06:11 Phonetics Courseware
From: <>
Subject: Phonetics Courseware

I am looking for computer-based packages which are aimed at undergraduates
to teach the basics of English phonetics. I know of the UCLA stuff.
Can anyone recommend any others?


Nicola Timbrell E-mail: NICUK.AC.OX.VAX
Oxford ITTI Project Tel: 0865 273226/1
Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Road
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