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Fri 04 Jun 1993

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  1. I, Working Papers

Message 1: Working Papers

Date: Fri 04 Jun 1993
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Subject: Working Papers
 1993. 186 pp. Paperback.
 US $5.00 (+$1.50 shipping U.S., $2.50 foreign) UC Berkeley
 >internet: Irish, Gaelic
We are proud to announce the first volume of Working Papers in
Linguistics, by the Graduate Students at U.C. Berkeley. This collection
of papers is the result of work in Field Methods from the
1992-1993 school year, studying with a native speaker of Irish.

Aarts, Jan, Pieter de Haan and Nelleke Oostdijk (eds.) ENGLISH LANGUAGE
 1993. iii, 312 pp. paperback. ISBN 90-5183-517-5
 Hfl. 100,00; US $ 58.50 Rodopi
 English Language; Corpus Linguistics
This volume contains a selection of the papers read at the
Thirteenth Conference on the Use of Computer Corpora in English
Language Research (ICAME 13), which was held at Nijmegen, the
Netherlands, in June 1992.

Bernstein, M. (ed.) ESCOL '92 PROCEEDINGS
 1993. 293 pp. Paperback.
 students: $15.00 non-students: $17.00 Cornell University
This conference proceedings contains 26 papers from the ninth Eastern
States Conference on Linguistics, held at SUNY Buffalo, November 13-15,
1992. This volume covers topics from many areas of linguistics -- the
table of contents and ordering information are available via e-mail.
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