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Fri 30 Apr 1993

Books: Phonology

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  1. I, Phonology

Message 1: Phonology

Date: Fri 30 Apr 1993
From: I <>
Subject: Phonology

 PROSODIC MORPHOLOGY. 1993. viii, 249 pp. US$16.00 + 3.50 p&h. prepaid.
 Indiana University Linguistics Club, 720 E. Atwater Ave./Bloomington
 IN 47401; Metrical Phonology, Prosodic Morphology
Argues that minimal structure requirements on foot constituents differ
depending on whether a foot is introduced by a metrical rule or by an operation
of prosodic morphology.

Hume, E. (ed.) The Ohio State University Working Papers in Linguistics 41:
 Papers in Phonology.
 148 pp. US $12.00
This volume comprises articles on current topics in phonology
by B. Ao (Segmentation of the Chinese Syllable), E. Hume
(Metathesis in Maltese), N.Mutonyi (Bukusu Prosodic Structure),
D. Odden (Simplicity and Underspecification), F. Parkinson
(Pharyngeal in Rwaili Arabic) and R. Roberts (Sukuma Tone).
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