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Tue 13 Apr 1993

Qs: Review of administrators, foreign language requirement

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  1. Gregory K. Iverson, Administrator review
  2. Stanley Dubinsky, foreign language requirement

Message 1: Administrator review

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 93 10:32:43 CDAdministrator review
From: Gregory K. Iverson <>
Subject: Administrator review

A colleague here at UW-Milwaukee is seeking information for a committee
of the faculty senate which is formulating recommendations relating to
the periodic review of administrators in the university. His questions
are the following: (I'd be happy to summarize responses received from
colleagues in American universities if there is general interest in the topic.)

Are the performances of Deans subjected to formal evaluation at your
institution? If so, how often and by what methods? Are the evaluations
of faculty members solicited? Is the faculty consulted on whether Deans
should be reappointed?


Thanks for responding...
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Message 2: foreign language requirement

Date: Fri, 09 Apr 93 17:20:33 EDforeign language requirement
From: Stanley Dubinsky <DUBINSKUNIVSCVM.bitnet>
Subject: foreign language requirement

We are interested in finding out about non-IE/"exotic" language requirements
(at the Ph.D. level) in other linguistics departments and programs.

(1) Does your program have such a requirement?
(2) How many semesters of the language must be taken to meet the requirement?
(3) What (semester) level of competence must be achieved to meet the

If there is sufficient interest in the results, I will post to the
Stanley Dubinsky
Linguistics Program
University of South Carolina

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