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Wed 31 Mar 1993

Qs: Undergraduate linguistics majors

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  1. MOLLY DIESING, Undergrad Linguistics Major

Message 1: Undergrad Linguistics Major

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1993 14:50 ESTUndergrad Linguistics Major
Subject: Undergrad Linguistics Major

Here at Cornell we are in the process of examining our
undergraduate curriculum, and I'd like to take this opportunity
to use LINGUIST as a means to solicit information about
undergraduate programs in linguistics at other universities.

Of particular interest to us are the following issues:

1. The structure and focus of the undergraduate program. We
currently have a more or less technically oriented program geared
towards training students in theoretical linguistics. In
addition to hearing about specifics such as the types of courses
required in the major, we'd be interested in finding about other
"tracking" options other departments have tried, such as
"Linguistics and X" majors (where X can be a language area, or
some other academic area with a connection to linguistics such as
philosophy or psychology).

2. What sorts of "general education" courses are offered? How
successful are they in making undergraduates aware of what
linguistics has to offer?

3. Anything else you feel has been important in the success (or
lack of success) in your undergraduate program.

Please respond by email (rather than posting to LINGUIST) to: [Molly Diesing]

I will be happy to post a summary if there is interest in having
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