LINGUIST List 4.235

Wed 31 Mar 1993

Qs: Problems for historical, Carny Talk

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  1. Anthony M Rodrigues Aristar, Problems for Historical Linguistics
  2. Trey, More Language Game Stuff

Message 1: Problems for Historical Linguistics

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 93 10:44 CST
From: Anthony M Rodrigues Aristar <>
Subject: Problems for Historical Linguistics

I teach both Indo-European and historical linguistics, and have
a great deal of difficulty finding good problems to give my
classes. I often end up having to make them up myself, with
all the difficulties which often follow from using untested assignnments.

My guess is that I'm not alone in this predicament, so I'd like to
suggest that we pool our efforts in this area. If any of you would be kind
enough to want to share your work, you can send me your problems, and I
will undertake to collate them and make them available to everyone
through the LINGUIST Listserv and the Michigan file server.

Please send the files to me electronically, at my personal address.
If your word-processor can generate RTF files, this would be the
most suitable format for transmittal. Otherwise, a clearly marked-up
ASCII would be fine. If you have difficulties with either of these
formats, send me a message: I'm sure we can work something out.

Anthony Aristar
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Message 2: More Language Game Stuff

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 18:58:12 CSMore Language Game Stuff
From: Trey <>
Subject: More Language Game Stuff

I've gotten lots of responses to my query about language games.. and in the
next few weeks, I'll post a summary of everything to LINGUIST. Thanks to
everybody who sent info and references.
There was one item, "Carny Talk" that someone mentioned, but could not
quite remember. It seems to insert [z] (and perhaps other stuff) into
each word. The only example: kee-zarny tee-zalk. Does anyone know any better
how this works? Is it just [iz] after the onset, with re-syllabification?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
 Trey Jones
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