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Tue 10 Nov 1992

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Message 1: University of Chicago Occasional Papers

Date: Fri, 6 Nov 92 09:35:25 GMTUniversity of Chicago Occasional Papers
From: John Goldsmith <>
Subject: University of Chicago Occasional Papers

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Chicago has
initiated distribution of a number of recent dissertations.
Available at present are :
	Syllabification and Rule Application in Harmonic Phonology,
		by Caroline Wiltshire (August 1992)
	Theoretical Foundations of American Sign Language Phonology,
		by Diane Brentari (August 1990)

These can be obtained for $14, to cover production and mailing costs,

Occasional Papers, Department of Linguistics, 1010 East 59th Street,
Chicago IL 60637.

Several others will be available shortly, and we will post notices as
we have them.
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Message 2: Hong Kong Linguistics Publications

Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1992 11:05 +080Hong Kong Linguistics Publications
From: <MATTHEWSHKUCC.bitnet>
Subject: Hong Kong Linguistics Publications

The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong wishes to announce
the publication of two volumes:

a) Research on Chinese Linguistics in Hong Kong
 (ISBN 962-7578-01-0; 200 pages)
 edited by Thomas Hun-tak LEE

 It contains the following articles:

CHEN Ping: The Reflexive 'Ziji' in Chinese: functional vs formal approaches
CHEUNG Kwan Hin: IPA Transcription of the so-called 'Apical Vowels'
 in Pekinese (in Chinese)
Thomas Hun-tak LEE: The Inadequacy of Processing Heuristics: evidence from
 Relative Clause Acquisition in Mandarin Chinese
SIN Kingkui: The Translatability of Law
Colleen WONG: Cantonese-speaking Children's Understanding of Anaphora
YAU Shun Chiu: The King & I- Artefacts as Motivating Factors in the
 Formation of Chinese Archaic Ideographs (in Chinese)
Virginia YIP and Stephen MATTHEWS: 'Tough' Movement in Chinese/English
 Interlanguage: Contrastive Analysis and Learnability

b) Into the Twenty First Century: Issues of Language in
 Education in Hong Kong (ISBN 962-7578-02-9; 190 pages)
 edited by LUKE Kang-kwong

 It contains the following articles:

MAO Junnian: Hong Kong's Language Problems- the view from
 the Basic Law (in Chinese)
YAU Shun Chiu: Language Policies in Post-1997 Hong Kong
Thomas Hun-tak LEE: A Look at Language in Education Policies
 in Hong Kong in the context of two language education reports
 in the United Kingdom (in Chinese)
YAU Man Siu: Issues in the Language of Instruction and British
 Colonial Policy (in Chinese)
Daniel SO: Language-based Bifurcation of Secondary Education
 in Hong Kong: Past, Present and Future
HO Kwok Keung: The Practice of Mother-tongue Education in Hong Kong
 (in Chinese) -with an bibliography of empirical research in
 mother-tongue education in Hong Kong (in English)
LUKE Kang-kwong: Mixed Codes and Bilingual Instruction (in Chinese)
Peter TUNG: Learning from the West: Choosing a medium of instruction
 in Hong Kong
Amy TSUI: Using English as a Medium of Instruction and English
 Language Acquisition
WONG Pui Kwong: A Proposal for Innovations in the Teaching of Chinese
 (in Chinese)
Linguistic Society of Hong Kong: A Blueprint for Linguistic Chaos:
 a critique of the Report of the Working Group Set up to Review
 Language Improvement Measures
Linguistic Society of Hong Kong: A Response to the Education Commission
 Report No. 4

The price of each volume is US$ 10 or 6 pounds Sterling
(including First Class airmail postage). Overseas orders
must be prepaid with bank drafts or money orders
made out to "The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong".
No personal checks will be accepted.

Please send all orders to:

T. Lee, Dept. of English
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, NT, Hong Kong.
For inquiries, please email:
fax: (852)-603-5270

 Stephen Matthews, President
 Linguistic Society of Hong Kong
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