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Confs: Comparative Germanic Syntax

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  1. 8th CGS Workshop, CGS 8 program

Message 1: CGS 8 program

Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 22:24:13 CGS 8 program
From: 8th CGS Workshop <>
Subject: CGS 8 program

 8th Workshop on


 with a parasession on

 Comparative Germanic Phonology

 University of Tromso
 November 20-22, 1992

Preliminary program

Thursday, November 19, 1992

1600-1800 Registration, ISL Main Entrance Hall, Breivika Campus
1800- Reception at the ISL (Institutt for Spraak og Litteratur)

All sessions are in the Store Auditorium (B-1005), ISL.

Friday, November 20, 1992

0900-1000 Registration
1000-1015 Welcoming remarks by the Dean of the ISL
 Elisabeth Engdahl, Edinburgh:
 Scandinavian relatives
1100-1115 Coffee break
1115-1200 Mark Lencho, Wisconsin:
 Evidence that _to_ is a complementizer
1200-1245 Joseph Bayer, Duesseldorf:
 German _zu_ and Bavarian infinitives
1245-1415 Lunch
1415-1500 Young-Mee Yu Cho, Stanford:
 Morphological and universal devoicing in English and Swedish
1500-1545 Alicja Gorecka, USC:
1545-1615 Coffee break
1615-1700 Alessandra Giorgi & Fabio Pianesi, IRST:
 Tense interpretation and morphosyntactic structures in
 Romance and Germanic
1700-1745 Ken Safir, Rutgers:
 Selfish languages and selfless ones
1800 Drinks at the Northern Lights Planetarium
1900 Bus departure for Prelaten
2000- Food, beer and general merry-making at Prelaten

Saturday, November 21, 1992

0915-1000 Anna Cardinaletti, Venice:
 On the internal structure of pronominal DP
1000-1015 Coffee break
1015-1100 Giuliana Giusti, Venice:
 Enclitic particles and double definiteness
1100-1145 Zvi Penner, Bern:
 The distribution of DP-agreement features in German dialects
1145-1300 Lunch
1300-1345 Andrea Calabrese, Harvard:
 A synchronic and diachronic analysis of Siever!s law in Gothic
1345-1430 Charles Reiss, Harvard:
 Syllable structure and assimilation of /r/ in Old Icelandic
1430-1500 Coffee break
1500-1545 Jan Wouter Zwart, Groningen:
 SOV-languages are head-initial
1545-1630 Riny Huybregts, Tilburg:
 Scattering: A derivational approach without S-structure
1630-1700 Coffee break
 Noam Chomsky, MIT:
 Economy considerations in language design
2000 Dinner at Arctandria

Sunday, November 22, 1992

 Guglielmo Cinque, Venice:
 Sentential stress in Germanic
0945-1030 Dominique Nouveau, Utrecht:
 Extrametricality and catalexis in Dutch word stress
1030-1100 Coffee break
1100-1145 Eric Hoekstra, Meertens Institute:
 On the nature of expletive heads
1145-1230 Caroline Heycock, Yale & Anthony Kroch, Pennsylvania:
 Verb movement and co-ordination in the Germanic languages
1230-1345 Lunch
1345-1430 Jacqueline Toribio Almeida, Cornell:
 Another look at V/2
1430-1515 Rita Maria Manzini, London:
 Triggers for V/2: Germanic and Romance
1515-1545 Coffee break
1545-1630 Ur Shlonsky, Geneva:
 Agreement in Comp
1630-1515 Halldor Sigurdsson, Reykjavik: Agreement as visible F-government

Alternate papers

Syntax: Lynn Santelmann, Lund:
 The acquisition of wh-questions in English, German and Swedish
 Arild Hestvik, Stuttgart:
 A syntactic determinant of strict identity interpretation
 of reflexives
Phonology: Roland Noske, Amsterdam:
 Schwa/!-alternations in Dutch-German


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 8th Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax
 Tromso, Norway, November 20-22, 1992

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