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Tue 18 Aug 1992

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Message 1: New series

Date: Thu, 13 Aug 92 15:52:52 -0New series
From: <>
Subject: New series

The Harvard Liuistics Department has just started a new series of
working papers - Harvard Working Papers in Linguistics. Vol. 1 contains
the following papers:
 Erich Groat: Turkish Verbal Morphology: The Basic Cases
 Geoffrey Poole: The Case Filter and Stylistic Fronting in Icelandic
 Naomi Bolotin: Arabic Agreement and Functional Projections
 Hisatsugu Kitahara: Checking Theory and Scope Interpretation
 Without Quantifier Raising
 Hoskuldur Thrainsson: A Note on Underspecification and Binding
 Andrea Calabrese: Some Remarks on Focus and Logical Structures
 in Italian
 K. Scott Ferguson: Particles, Derived Verbs, and the Abstract
 Clitic Hypothesis
 John O'Neil: Relativized Minimality and the A/A' Distinction
 Ken-ichi Takami &
 Susumu Kuno: Extraposition from NP and VP-Internal Subjects
 Dianne Jonas: Checking Theory and Nominative Case in Icelandic

This volume is available for $14.- (including surface postage, book rate)
 Linguistics Department
 Grays Hall Basement
 Harvard University
 Cambridge, MA 02138

We accept only prepaid orders (checks drawn on a US bank). - The plan
is to publish two volumes annually, one (loosely) connected to
our practicum in Syntax and Phonology, the other to the practicum
in Historical Linguistics.

Those who wish to set up an exchange program (exchanging similar
publications for this series), please send an e-mail message to:

(Hoskuldur Thrainsson)
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Message 2: Publication: New issue of CLN

Date: Tue, 18 Aug 92 13:19:19 PDPublication: New issue of CLN
From: brian kariger <>
Subject: Publication: New issue of CLN

Volume 23, No. 2 of California Linguistic Notes is now available.

* Includes articles by: Paul Newman, M. O'Connor, Michael Silverstein,
William Bright, Alexis Manaster Ramer, U. J. Lueders, Stephen P.
Cutts, Ellen M. Rosen, Helma Pasch, Guillermo Bartelt, Lori J.
Altmann, John Ellison Kahn, Andrew Wilson, Suzanne Schick, Shale
Dworan and a special article on Zellig S. Harris by Bruce E. Nevin.

* Reprints include: "Babies Learn Sounds of Language by 6 Months";
"Roaming Wild in the Land of Linguistics"; "Language Disorder Linked
to Genes"; "Taking a Dig at History"; "Restoration of the Latin
Alphabet"; "Lines Drawn in the War of Words"; "Mexico to Rescue
Indigenous Languages"; "Last Battle to Save a Viking Tongue";
"Indigenous Languages Fare Relatively Well in Quebec"; "Jesus'
Language No Longer on Tips of Tongues in Syria"; "Many of Alaska's
Native Languages on Verge of Disappearing"; "A Language Once Thought
Dying Is Having a Rebirth"; "Lost Language Also Returning to Mission";
"When Opening Your Mouth Can Say It All"; "In The U.S., Your Accent
Speaks of Who You Are"; "Dialect Hampers Mexican Americans' Writing
Skills"; "Nonverbal Communication Can Affect Classroom Performance";
"Is Sign Language Foreign Enough?".

(For a complete listing of contents, send e-mail to:

California Linguistic Notes publishes essays, squibs, letters, and
reviews on any linguistic topic; also past/future events sections,
abstracts, recent publications, jobs, and more.

Subscription, $20.00 for USA subscribers; $30.00 overseas (airmail);
$10.00 per additional copy sent to the same address.

 *We seek material for publication and new subscribers.*

Send for a free sample:

Alan Kaye, Editor
Department of Linguistics
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92634-9480 USA


Brian Kariger, Assoc. Ed.
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