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Sat 08 Aug 1992

Confs: Representation; ACH-ALLC93

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  2. , ACH-ALLC93 Call for Papers


From: Jan Nuyts <>

 2nd Circular

for the 1992 annual conference of the Linguistic Society of Belgium in
collaboration with the International Pragmatics Association and the Max-Planck
Research Group for Cognitive Anthropology, on:

 University of Antwerp, November 26-28, 1992

The conference will address the following concerns:
(i) To what extent is conceptualization based on linguistic representation?
(ii) How context-(in)dependent (cultural, social, discourse) are linguistic
and conceptual representations?
(iii) By what methods can one investigate questions such as (i) and (ii)? What
is the role of language research in analyzing conceptualization?

Invited speakers are: Herbert Clark (Stanford University), Annette Herskovits
(Wellesly College), Willem J.M. Levelt (MPI Nijmegen), Dan Slobin (UC
Berkeley), Leonard Talmy (SUNY Buffalo).
Chair of the Saturday afternoon round table, featuring the invited speakers:
Stephen C. Levinson (MPI Nijmegen).

If you wish to present a paper, send two copies of a 1 page abstract to the
address below. The abstracts are to be received no later than September 1st,
1992 (the deadline is strict: abstracts reaching us later will not be
considered). Abstracts longer than one page will, if accepted for
presentation, not be included in the program booklet. Abstracts should be
camera-ready, so do not fax them! Illegible abstracts will not be reproduced
in the program booklet.

Abstracts will be refereed on the basis of quality and relevance to the
conference topic (given the enormous response to the original call for papers,
we will be very strict in terms of both criteria). Papers selected for
presentation will be divided in two categories, depending on their centrality
to the topic. The most relevant will feature as lectures (maximum 64, divided
in 4 parallel sessions), with 30 minutes of presentation time followed by 10
minutes of discussion time. (The only equipment available in the conference
rooms is an overhead-projector and a blackboard.) The others will feature in
poster sessions, grouped in two 2-hour blocks on Thursday and Friday morning.
They will be situated in between two plenary talks, with ample space and time
for discussion. Information about the format of the posters will be provided
in the next circular, late September.

A (strictly refereed) selection of the papers presented at the conference will
be published by the conference organizers (both lecture- and poster-papers can
be submitted). Information concerning the procedure and the time schedule will
be provided at the conference.

There will be an opening reception on Wednesday evening, and a banquet on
Friday evening. The banquet will be in the Marble Hall of the Antwerp Zoo. It
will consist of an aperitif in the beautiful winter gardens of the Zoo, and
a 4 course meal (Belgian-French cuisine - there will also be a vegetarian
variant) including wine, served in a 19th century neo-classicist entourage.
The price will be around 1500 BFr, i.e. app. 45 USD. This may seem expensive,
but it is hardly more than what you would pay for a normal meal in a good
restaurant in Antwerp, and you would certainly pay more for a comparable
dinner. Since we need a relatively precise advance estimation of the number
of participants in this banquet, please indicate on the attached return form
whether you would be interested in participating (and whether you want a
vegetarian dinner).

Registration fees (including all paperwork related to the conference, and
coffee/tea during the breaks) are:
* 2000 BFr/60 USD (advance payment) or 2300 BFr (on-site payment) for regular
* 1000 BFr/30 USD (advance payment) or 1300 BFr (on-site payment) for members
of IPrA and of the MPG for Cognitive Anthropology, and for students and
* Free for members of the Linguistic Society of Belgium.
You can pay in advance by sending to the address below
(i) a barred Eurocheck, made out to Jan Nuyts, in Belgian Francs; or
(ii) an International Postal Money Order, made out to Jan Nuyts, in Belgian
Francs; or
(iii) a US personal check, made out to the International Pragmatics
Association, in US Dollars.
You can also pay upon registration at the conference desk (but note that on-
site rates will be higher) either in cash or by means of a Eurocheck, in
Belgian Francs only.
No other forms of payment (non-US personal checks, money transfers, bank
checks, etc.) will be accepted, since they involve considerable costs on our

We can arrange hotel accommodation at reduced rates, in a hotel near the
center of town and the conference site (1995 BFr per night for a single room,
2400 BFr per night - i.e. 1200 BFr per person - for a double room). The number
of rooms available in this hotel is limited. If the demand exceeds the
accommodation possibilities in this hotel, we will try to find additional
rooms in another hotel, within the same price range. In any case, we need a
relatively precise estimation of the number of rooms we will have to reserve
by September 1st, so please do indicate on the attached return form whether
you will want hotel accommodation through us. Also indicate whether you would
like a single or a double room, and whether you are willing to share a room
with another conference participant (please indicate the name if you have a
particular person in mind - participants sharing a room should both specify
this information on their return form). (We understand that if your paper
would not be accepted for presentation, you may want to cancel your

If you wish to participate in the conference, please fill in the attached form
and return it to the address below no later than September 1st, 1992 (together
with your abstract if you are submitting one). Please return the form, even
if you have returned the slip attached to the first call for papers.

The organizers:
 Jan Nuyts (University of Antwerp)
 Eric Pederson (Max-Planck Group for Cognitive Anthropology, Nijmegen)

Send all materials to:
Jan Nuyts fax: ++32/3/820.22.44
University of Antwerp e-mail:
Linguistics (GER)
Universiteitsplein 1
B-2610 Wilrijk Belgium

Conference on Conceptual and Linguistic Representation, Antwerp, November 26-
28, 1992

I will participate in the conference YES/NO

I would like to present a paper; my abstract is adjoined YES/NO

Please arrange hotel accommodation at reduced rates for me: YES/NO
Arrival date:_______________ Departure date:_______________
Please check:
 O I would like a single room
 O I would like a double room
 O I am willing to share a room with another conference participant
 I would like to share the room with __________________________

I will participate in the Friday-evening banquet YES/NO
 O I would like a vegetarian meal

Name, address, email:



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Message 2: ACH-ALLC93 Call for Papers

Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1992 16:09 EDTACH-ALLC93 Call for Papers
From: <NEUMANGUVAX.bitnet>
Subject: ACH-ALLC93 Call for Papers



 JUNE 16-19, 1993


This conference -- the major forum for literary, linguistic and
humanities computing-- will highlight the development of new
computing methodologies for research and teaching in the
humanities, the development of significant new networked-based and
computer-based resources for humanities research, and the
application and evaluation of computing techniques in humanities

TOPICS: We welcome submissions on topics such as text encoding;
hypertext; text corpora; computational lexicography; statistical
models; syntactic, semantic and other forms of text analysis; also
computer applications in history, philosophy, music and other
humanities disciplines.

In addition, ACH and ALLC extend a special invitation to members of
the library community engaged in creating and cataloguing network-
based resources in the humanities, developing and integrating
databases of texts and images of works central to the humanities,
and refining retrieval techniques for humanities databases.

The deadline for submissions is 1 NOVEMBER 1992.

REQUIREMENTS: Proposals should describe substantial and original
work. Those that concentrate on the development of new computing
methodologies should make clear how the methodologies are applied
to research and/or teaching in the humanities, and should include
some critical assessment of the application of those methodologies
in the humanities. Those that concentrate on a particular
application in the humanities (e.g., a study of the style of an
author) should cite traditional as well as computer-based
approaches to the problem and should include some critical
assessment of the computing methodologies used. All proposals
should include conclusions and references to important sources.

INDIVIDUAL PAPERS: Abstracts of 1500-2000 words should be submitted
for presentations of thirty minutes including questions.

SESSIONS: Proposals for sessions (90 minutes) are also invited.
These should take the form of either:

(a) Three papers. The session organizer should submit a 500-word
statement describing the session topic, include abstracts of
1000-1500 words for each paper, and indicate that each author is
willing to participate in the session; or

(b) A panel of up to 6 speakers. The panel organizer should submit
an abstract of 1500 words describing the panel topic, how it will
be organized, the names of all the speakers, and an indication that
each speaker is willing to participate in the session.


Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged. Please pay
particular attention to the format given below. Submissions which
do not conform to this format will be returned to the authors for
reformatting, or may not be considered if they arrive very close to
the deadline.

All submissions should begin with the following information:

TITLE: title of paper
AUTHOR(S): names of authors
AFFILIATION: of author(s)
CONTACT ADDRESS: full postal address
E-MAIL: electronic mail address of main author (for contact),
 followed by other authors (if any)
FAX NUMBER: of main author
PHONE NUMBER: of main author

(1) Electronic submissions

These should be plain ASCII text files, not files formatted by a
wordprocessor, and should not contain TAB characters or soft
hyphens. Paragraphs should be separated by blank lines. Headings
and subheadings should be on separate lines and be numbered. Notes,
if needed at all, should take the form of endnotes rather than
footnotes. References, up to six, should be given at the end.
Choose a simple markup scheme for accents and other characters that
cannot be transmitted by electronic mail, and include an
explanation of the markup scheme after the title information and
before the start of the text.

Electronic submissions should be sent to
with the subject line "<Author's surname> Submission for ACH-ALLC93".

(2) Paper submissions

Submissions should be typed or printed on one side of the paper
only, with ample margins. Six copies should be sent to

ACH-ALLC93 (Paper submission)
Dr. Michael Neuman
Academic Computer Center
238 Reiss Science Building
Georgetown University
Washington, D.C. 20057


Proposals for papers and sessions November 1, 1992
Notification of acceptance February 1, 1993
Advance registration May 10, 1993

There will be a substantial increase in the registration fee for
registrations received after May 10, 1993.


A selection of papers presented at the conference will be published
in the series Research in Humanities Computing edited by Susan
Hockey and Nancy Ide and published by Oxford University Press.


Proposals will be evaluated by a panel of reviewers who will make
recommendations to the Program Committee comprised of:

Chair: Marianne Gaunt, Rutgers, the State University (ACH)
 Thomas Corns, University of Wales, Bangor (ALLC)
 Paul Fortier, University of Manitoba (ACH)
 Jacqueline Hamesse, Universite Catholique Louvain-la-Neuve
 Susan Hockey, Rutgers and Princeton Universities (ALLC)
 Nancy Ide, Vassar College (ACH)
 Randall Jones, Brigham Young University (ACH)
 Antonio Zampolli, University of Pisa (ALLC)
Local organizer: Michael Neuman, Georgetown University (ACH)


Accommodations for conference participants are available at several
locations in the Georgetown area:
 Georgetown University's Leavey Conference Center
 The Georgetown Inn
 One Washington Circle Hotel
 Georgetown University's Village C Residence Hall


Georgetown, an historic residential district along the Potomac
River, is a six-mile ride by taxi from Washington National Airport.
International flights arrive at Dulles Airport, which offers
regular bus service to the Nation's Capital.


Please address all inquiries to:

Dr. Michael Neuman
Academic Computer Center
238 Reiss Science Building
Georgetown University
Washington, D.C. 20057

Phone: 202-687-6096
FAX: 202-687-6003
Bitnet: NeumanGuvax

Please give your name, full mailing address, telephone and fax numbers,
and e-mail address with any inquiry.

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