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LINGUIST List 21.1053

Thu Mar 04 2010

Confs: Semantics, Pragmatics/France

Editor for this issue: Amy Brunett <brunettlinguistlist.org>

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        1.    Sylvain Pogodalla, Conference on Semantics and Formal Modelling

Message 1: Conference on Semantics and Formal Modelling
Date: 04-Mar-2010
From: Sylvain Pogodalla <sylvain.pogodallaloria.fr>
Subject: Conference on Semantics and Formal Modelling
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Conference on Semantics and Formal Modelling
Short Title: JSM'10

Date: 25-Mar-2010 - 26-Mar-2010
Location: Nancy, France
Contact: Sylvain Pogodalla
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
Meeting URL: http://jsm.loria.fr/jsm10/

Linguistic Field(s): Pragmatics; Semantics

Meeting Description:

Conference on Semantics and Formal Modelling
March 25-26 2010

The INRIA Nancy - Grand Est and the Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications (LORIA, UMR 7503) and the GDR Sémantique et Modélisation (CNRS) organize the eighth edition of the Conference on Semantics and Formal Modelling (JSM10). The conference will be held at the LORIA, Nancy (France), on March 25-26 2010.

Call for Participation:

Formal Semantics Week in Nancy (Tutorials and JSM'10)

Tutorials: March 22-24, 2010
JSM'10: March 25 and 26, 2010
Nancy, France


List of accepted abstracts:




Early registration ends March 5, 2010.

Invited Speakers:

-Jeroen Groenendijk
-Barbara Partee
-Yoad Winter

Accepted Abstracts:

-Imperfectivity and Habituality in Italian, Fabio Del Prete

-Unifying the Semantics for ''Thematic'' and ''Classificatory'' Uses of Ethnic Adjectives, Boban Arsenijevi, Gemma Boleda, Berit Gehrke and Louise McNally

-The Challenge of Argumentative Discourse: Integrating Revision Updates in a Text Grammar Formalism, Noor van Leusen

-An Analysis of Inferential Evidentials as Dimensional Shifts, Thomas Gamerschlag and Wiebke Petersen

-Du rôle de la Sous-spécification dans les Interactions Verbales Pathologiques (Formalisation à Base de SDRT), Manuel Rebuschi, Michel Musiol

-Do Elided Constituents Really Exist in Unembedded Quantifiers?, Yukio Furukawa

-Data-driven Semantics of Concession: Where do Expectations Come from?,
Livio Robaldo, Eleni Miltsakaki and Alessia Bianchini

-The Meaning of the Additive Too: Presupposition and Discourse Similarity, Grégoire Winterstein

-Anaphoric Adverbials - a Discourse Analysis of Asserted and Presupposed Adverbial Clauses, Mailin Antomo

-French Modals and Perfective Aspect: A Case of Aspectual Coercion, Vincent Homer

-On the Compositionality of Temporal Locating Adverbial Modification, Laure Vieu, Myriam Bras and Laurent Prévot

-Calcultating the Epistemic Effect of Past Modality via K, Alda Mari, Susan Schweitzer

-Rhetorical Relations and Predicate Terms, Palle Leth, No

-Exclamatives have a Question Semantics!, Anna Chernilovskaya

-Prosody and Quantifier Float, Kenji Yokota

-Triggering Verbal Presuppositions, Marta Abrusan

-Descriptive Indexicals, Julie Hunter

-Analytic Tableaus for Natural Logic, Reinhard Muskens

-Coercion and Anaphoric Use of Mandarin Classifiers, Laurent Prévot and ShuKai Hsieh

Alternate Abstract:

The Acquisition of Scalar Implicatures, Stefanie Röhrig

Scientific Committee:

-Maxime Amblard (Nancy 2, LORIA)
-Pascal Amsili (Paris Diderot, LLF)
-Nicholas Asher (CNRS, IRIT)
-Claire Beyssade (CNRS, IJN)
-Patrick Blackburn (INRIA, LORIA)
-Olivier Bonami (Paris 4, LLF)
-Myriam Bras (Toulouse 2, CLLE-ERSS)
-Joan Busquets (Bordeaux 3, CLLE-ERSS)
-Patrick Caudal (CNRS, LLF)
-Ileana Comorovski (Nancy 2, ATILF)
-Bridget Copley (CNRS, SFL)
-Francis Corblin (Paris IV, IJN)
-Jeroen Groenendijk (University of Amsterdam & ILLC)
-Évelyne Jacquey (CNRS, ATILF)
-Brenda Laca (Paris 8, SFL)
-Alain Lecomte (Paris 8, SFL)
-Jean-Marie Marandin (CNRS, LLF)
-Alda Mari (CNRS, IJN)
-Ora Matushansky (CNRS, SFL & UiL OTS/Université d'Utrecht)
-Philippe Muller (Toulouse 3, IRIT)
-David Nicolas (IJN, ENS-EHESS-CNRS)
-Barbara Partee (University of Massachusetts)
-Christopher Piñón (Lille 3, STL)
-Sylvain Pogodalla (INRIA, LORIA)
-Laurent Prévot (Aix-Marseille 1, LPL)
-Christian Retoré (LaBRI (Université de Bordeaux, CNRS) & INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest)
-Laurent Roussarie (Paris 8, SFL)
-Gabriel Sandu (CNRS, IHPST)
-Philippe Schlenker (CNRS, IJN, NYU)
-Benjamin Spector (CNRS, IJN)
-Lucia Tovena (Paris VII, LLF)
-Fabienne Venant (Nancy 2, LORIA)
-Laure Vieu (CNRS, IRIT & CNR-ISTC-LOA Trento)
-Yoad Winter (Utrecht University)



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