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LINGUIST List 19.2637

Thu Aug 28 2008

Confs: Cognitive Science;Neurolinguistics;Philosophy of Language/Canada

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        1.    Christina Manouilidou, Verb Concepts

Message 1: Verb Concepts
Date: 27-Aug-2008
From: Christina Manouilidou <christina.manouilidougmail.com>
Subject: Verb Concepts
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Verb Concepts

Date: 03-Oct-2008 - 04-Oct-2008
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Contact: Christina Manouilidou
Contact Email: coglabalcor.concordia.ca
Meeting URL: http://psychology.concordia.ca/verbconcepts/Main.html

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; General Linguistics; Neurolinguistics;
Philosophy of Language

Meeting Description:

The Psycholinguistics and Cognition Lab of the Department of Psychology,
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada will be hosting a workshop on Verb
Concepts, to be held on Friday - Saturday, 3-4 October, 2008, in Montreal,
Canada. The full title of the workshop is 'Verb Concepts: Cognitive Science
Perspectives on Verb Representation and Processing.'
With this one time event, we aim to bring together researchers working on verb
concepts either from a theoretical or an empirical perspective and to achieve a
forum of discussions covering every possible aspect of verb representation and
processing. We are very pleased to have nine invited speakers each of them
representing a separate research area dealing with verb representation and
processing, such as theoretical linguistics, philosophy of language,
psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, cognitive science.

Invited Speakers:
Roelien Bastiaanse (Linguistics, University of Groningen)
William Croft (Linguistics, University of New Mexico)
Brendan Gillon (Linguistics, McGill University)
Martin Haiden (Université François Rabelais, Tours)
David Kemmerer (Psychology, Purdue University)
Beth Levin (Linguistics, Stanford University)
Gail Mauner (Psychology, University at Buffalo)
Anna Papafragou (Psychology, University of Delaware)
Paul Pietroski (Philosophy & Linguistics, University of Maryland)

Workshop Organizers:
Roberto G. de Almeida & Christina Manouilidou
Department of Psychology
Concordia University
Montreal, QC, Canada
H4B 1R6

Program Outline (Tentative)

Fri (Oct 3, 2008)

8:30 - coffee / registration open

9:00 - Invited talk 1: Beth Levin (Stanford University): "Ingredients of verb

10:00 - Lisa Levinson (Oakland University): "Deriving verb classes: where root
semantics meets syntax"

10:30 - Jean-Philippe Marcotte (University of Minnesota): "A formal approach to
event construal"

11:00 - coffee break

11:30 - Invited talk 2: William Croft (University of New Mexico): "Separating
causal and aspectual representations of verbal concepts"

12:30 - Joshua Viau (Johns Hopkins University) & Jeffrey Lidz (University of
Maryland): "Below the surface: What the acquisition of English and Kannada
tells us about dative verb representations"

13:00 - 15:00 - lunch break / poster session*

15:00 - Invited talk 3: Brendan Gillon (McGil University) "Typing English words
with implicit arguments."

16:00 - Eva Wittenberg (Potsdam University) & Maria M. Piñango (Yale
University): "When verbs share their power: The case of German light verb

16:30 - coffee break

17:00 - Jean-Pierre Koenig, Doug Roland, Hohg-Oak Yun, & Gail Mauner (University
at Buffalo): "Which verb semantics for which cognitive task"

17:30 - Invited talk 4: Gail Mauner (University at Buffalo): "Anticipation and
integration of instrument arguments"


Sudha Arunachalam (Northwestern University), "Projectionism, non-projectionism,
and the acquisition of argument structure".

Alexandra Marquis, Rushen Shi (Universite du Quebec a Montreal), "Recognition
of verb morphemes in 11-month-old French-learning infants".

Marilyn Cyr, Rushen Shi (Universite du Quebec a Montreal), "Infants' learning
of verb meaning and morphophonemic variations".

Kyongjoon Kwon (Harvard University), "The improvised causativization in
colloquial Russian".

Istvan Fekete, Csaba Pleh (Budapest University of Technology and Economics),
"The syntax-semantic interface: The processing of unidirectional and
bidirectional constructions in Hungarian".

Donghoon Lee, Thomas Burns, Sharlene D. Newman (Indiana University),
"Associative priming of verbs versus nouns: An fMRI study".

E. M. Husband, A. Beretta (Michigan State University), Linnaea Stockall
(Concordia University), "Building events: Online investigations of verbal and
nominal contributions to Aktionsart".

Vanessa Taler, Sharlene D. Newman (Indiana University), "The effect of semantic
information on verb processing".

Vicky T. Lai, Bhuvana Narasimhan (University of Colorado), "Verb representation
and thinking-for-speaking effects in Spanish-English bilinguals".

Susan W. Brown (University of Colorado), "The mental representation of
polysemous verbs".

Hiroki Narita (Harvard University), "Eventualities as intervals: Progressives
from a comparative perspective".

Kyle Grove (Cornell University), "Why Unaccusatives Have It Easy:
Reduced-Relative Garden Path Effects and Verb Type".

Sat (Oct 4, 2008)

8:30 - coffee

9:00 - Invited talk 5: David Kemmerer (Purdue University): "Manner of motion
verbs: From linguistic typology to cognitive neuroscience".

10:00 - Monique J. A. Lamers (Radboud University Nijmegen): "Getting the
arguments right: the interplay between verb argument structure and word order
preferences in comprehension and production".

10:30 - E. Malaia, R. B. Wilbur, J. Gonzalez-Castillo, C. Weber-Fox, T. Talavage
(Purdue University): ''Neurological processing of verbal event structure:
temporal and functional dissociation between telic and atelic verbs''

11:00 - coffee break

11:30 - Invited talk 6: Paul Pietroski (University of Maryland): "Lexicalizing
and combining".

12:30 - Naoko Tomioka (Université du Quebec à Montréal): "The expression of
sub-events and the representation of verbal structure".

13:00 - 14:30 - lunch break

14:30 - Invited talk 7: Anna Papafragou (University of Delaware):
"Cross-linguistic perspectives on verb representations".

15:30 - Erin L. O'Bryan (University of Arizona), Raffaella Folli (University of
Ulster), Heidi Harley & Thomas G. Bever (University of Arizona): "Verb telicity
affects on-line sentence comprehension".

16:00 - coffee break

16:30 - Invited talk 8: Roelien Bastiaanse (University Groningen) "What does
agrammatic behavior reveal about verbs and their inflection?"

17:30 - Invited talk 9: Cynthia K. Thompson (Northwestern University): "Neural
Mechanisms of Verb Processing"
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