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Wed Jul 02 2008

Confs: Discipline of Linguistics, General Linguistics/USA

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        1.    Beth Hume, Linguistic Society of America Summer Meeting

Message 1: Linguistic Society of America Summer Meeting
Date: 01-Jul-2008
From: Beth Hume <ehumeling.osu.edu>
Subject: Linguistic Society of America Summer Meeting
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Linguistic Society of America Summer Meeting

Date: 10-Jul-2008 - 13-Jul-2008
Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA
Contact: Beth Hume
Contact Email: ehumeling.ohio-state.edu
Meeting URL: http://https://lsadc.org/info/meet-summer08.cfm

Linguistic Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics; General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

The 2nd Annual Summer Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America will take
place at The Ohio State University, Thursday, 10 July - Sunday, 13 July 2008.
The meeting is directed specifically at undergraduate and graduate students in
Linguistics. In addition to poster and paper presentations, the Meeting will
include career-related workshops on how to apply for a job, how to apply for
graduate school, how to apply for funding, and how to publish research.

2008 LSA Summer Meeting
The Ohio State University

Thursday, July 10

Registration in McPherson Hall 1021

Presenters set up posters in McPherson Hall 1040 & adjoining hallway for Poster
session 1

Parallel workshops:

Applying to graduate school in linguistics and other fields
Jeri Jaeger (UBuffalo, Linguistics), Leslie Moore (Ohio State, College of
Education & Human Ecology), Laura Wagner (Ohio State, Psychology)
McPherson Hall 1035

Applying for jobs in linguistics and related areas
Mary Paster (Pomona College, Linguistics), Chris Brew (Ohio State, Computer
Science & Linguistics), Susan Hura (SpeechUsability)
McPherson Hall 1021

Applying for funding
Chris Brew (Ohio State, Computer Science & Linguistics), Mark Pitt (Ohio State,
Psychology), Robert Fox (Ohio State, Speech & Hearing Sciences)
McPherson Hall 1035

Publishing your research
Don Winford (Editor, Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages), David Odden
(Editor, Journal of African Studies)
McPherson Hall 1035


Chair: Lark Hovey
Poster Session 1
See below for list of presenters
McPherson Hall 1040

Cookout at the Faculty Club

Friday, July 11

Chair: Beth Hume
Panel on professional ethics
Mary Beckman (Ohio State) & Susan Hura (SpeechUsability)
McPherson Hall 1000


Chair: Emily Dorrian
Paper presentations: Session 1
McPherson Hall 1000

Re-Again: A Semantic Investigation Restitutive Again and re- in English
Edward Holsinger, University of Southern California

The Semantics of Vagueness: Supertruth, Subtruth and the Cooperative Principle
Sam Al Khatib; Jeff Pelletier
Simon Fraser University; University of Alberta

Tough Nuts to Crack
Kathleen O'Flynn, UC Santa Cruz

Lunch & Advising session: Mentors advise participants on their talks/posters
McPherson Hall 1021
Presenters in Poster session 2 set up posters in McPherson Hall 1035 and
adjoining hallway

Chair: Teresa Pratt
Paper presentations: Session 2
McPherson Hall 1000

Attention to Prosody in Infancy Correlates with Learning of Predicates
Alejandrina Cristia; Amanda Seidl, Purdue University

Communicative Efficiency: Native and Non-Native Speakers in Dialogue
Kristin Van Engen; Rachel Baker; Midam Kim; Ann Rosalie Bradlow, Northwestern

Is Internal Argumenthood Relevant for Pitch Accenting of Intransitive Verbs in
Laura Whitton, Stanford University


Chair: Lark Hovey & Chanelle Mays
Poster Session 2
See below for list of presenters
McPherson Hall 1035 and adjoining hallway
Advising session: Mentors advise participants on their talks/posters

Chair: David Odden
Plenary Speaker: Mary Paster (BA, The Ohio State University; PhD, UC Berkeley;
Faculty, Pomona College)
The Journey from Linguistics Major to Professor
McPherson Hall 1000

Beth Hume's home

Saturday, July 12

Chair: Mary Beckman
Plenary Speaker: Ilse Lehiste (Emeritus Professor, The Ohio State University).
Interrelationship Between Language and Music
McPherson Hall 1000

McPherson Hall 1021

Chair: Emily Dorian
Paper presentations: Session 3
McPherson Hall 1000

Perfectivity, Telicity and Attrition of Aspect: Heritage Russian
Oksana Laleko, University of Minnesota

A Variationist Study of English Modality in Rural Ontario
Derek Denis, University of Toronto

Lexical Frequency Effects in the Psychological Manifestation of Morpheme
Structure Constraints
Robin Melnick, San Jose State University

Lunch & Advising session: Mentors advise participants on their talks/posters
McPherson Hall 1021

Chair: Anouschka Bergmann
Paper presentations: Session 4
McPherson Hall 1000

French Schwa and Prosodic Structure
Brian Smith, Wayne State University

Nasal Assimilation in the Speech of Detroit Working Class AAVE Speakers
Neisha Niccolini, Wayne State University

Visual Cues to Language Identification
Rebecca Ronquest; Susannah Levi; David B Pisoni
Indiana University; University of Michigan; Indiana University

In- or ex-situ: A Diagnosis of Right Node Raising
Bradley Larson
University of Washington

Break and advising session: Mentors advise participants on their talks/posters
McPherson Hall 1021

4:00- 5:00
Chair: Kathleen Currie Hall
Plenary Speaker: Elizabeth Strand (Tellme, A Microsoft Subsidiary)
The Road to Industry
McPherson Hall 1000

Kuhn Honors and Scholars House

Undergraduate social

Sunday, July 13

Chair: Kathryn Campbell-Kibler
Plenary speakers: John Rickford (Stanford), Tom Wasow (Stanford)
Collaborations: As Far as Different Subfields, We're All, ''Ain't no reason we
shouldn't work together''
McPherson Hall 1000


10:45 - 12:15
Chair: Dahee Kim
Paper presentations: Session 5
McPherson Hall 1000

Voice Quality and Perceived Sexual Desirability
Kaitlin Johnson; Sara Schmelzer, University of Minnesota

''A Radical Point of View'': The Linguistic Construction of Student Activists'
Political Identity
Sylvia Sierra, Mary Washington

From Dialect to Substandard: The Future of Occitan Dialectality
Judith Bridges, University of Mississippi

12:15 - 1:30
Lunch & Advising session: Mentors advise participants on their talks/posters
McPherson Hall 1021

Poster Session 1
Thursday 4:30-6:00

An Embarrassment of Riches: The Proliferation of Tlingit Writing Systems
James Crippen, University of Hawaii

Syntactic Change and the Emergence of Prepositional Finite Clauses in Spanish
and Portuguese
Manuel Delicado-Cantero, The Ohio State University

The Production of Acoustic Correlates of Lexical Stress by Spanish ESL Speakers
Paul Edmunds, University of New Mexico

Emergent Unmarkedness in L2: What L2 Modern Greek Reveals About L1 English
James Gruber, Georgetown University

L1 Interference in the Production of English Lexical Stress by French Learners
of English
Jasmine Heschuk, University of Victoria

The Differential Effects of Corrective Feedback on Two Target Structures in L2
Sun Hee Hwang, Georgetown University

Loanword Adaptation as Perceptual Approximation
Eunah Kim, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Vowel Length Degradation in Latvian-English Bilinguals
Edward King, University of Chicago

A Cross-Dialectal Perceptual Study of Eastern Andalusian Coda-Neutralization
Jaymie Lao; Jason Bishop, University of California, Los Angeles

L2 Acquisition of Phrasal Prominence and Rhythm in English
Emily Nava, University of Southern California

Contrastive Stress and Anaphora Resolution in Subordinate VP-Ellipsis
Dan Parker, Eastern Michigan University

Informed Models of Human Sentence Comprehension
David Lutz, Michigan State University

Effects of Dialect and Talker Variability on Lexical Recognition Memory
Terrin Tamati, The Ohio State University

Missing Surface Inflection in L2 speech: A Performance Interface Account
Darren Tanner, University of Washington

Poster Session 2
Friday 3:30-5:00

The Role of Exposure to Non-Target Material During Foreign-Accent Adaptation
Melissa Michaud Baese; Ann Rosalie Bradlow, Northwestern University

Addressing Challenges Posed by Speech Corpora Including Non-Native Speakers
Rachel Baker; Kristin Van Engen, Northwestern University

Split DPs in German: A Different View
Solveig Bosse, University of Delaware

PP Shells and Absolute Constructions
Colin Gorrie, University of Toronto

Discourse Markers in Conversations Between Native and Nonnative Speakers
Midam Kim, Northwestern University

/ay/ Monophthongization in the Pre-Tap Environment
Elizabeth Gentry; Andrew Pantos, Rice University

Phrasal Prominence in the English of Native Spanish Speakers
Gregory Madan; Emily Nava; Maria Luisa Zubizarreta, University of Southern

The Effects of L1 Orthography on L2 Perception
Marc Matthews, University of Florida

Moving New Words into the Neighborhood
Tim Poepsel, Northwestern University

MultiTree - A Digital Library of Language Relationships
Susan Smith; Bethany Townsend
Wayne State University; Eastern Michigan University

A Phonological Analysis of the Dative Alternation in Spoken English
Michael Speriosu, Stanford University

A Study of Vowel Duration as a Cue for the Underlying Voicing of Intervocalic
Alveolar Flaps
Nancy Ward, University of California, Berkeley

English Middles Process Linguistically
Jim Wood; Inna Livitz, New York University

So-Inversion as Polarity Focus
Jim Wood, New York University

Frequency and Learnability of Harmony Directionalities
Aleksandra Zaba, University of Utah
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