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LINGUIST List 18.892

Fri Mar 23 2007

A: Learning Opportunity

Editor for this issue: Gayathri Sriram <gayatrilinguistlist.org>

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        1.     linguist, LINGUIST & Endangered Languages: SILS & More
        2.     linguist, Editor Bethany Townsend on Doing 'The Dirty Work'

Message 1: LINGUIST & Endangered Languages: SILS & More
Date: 23-Mar-2007
From: linguist <linguistlinguistlist.org>
Subject: LINGUIST & Endangered Languages: SILS & More

Dear Subscribers, 

The groundbreaking work that LINGUIST accomplished through the E-MELD grant on
Endangered Language documentation has led to the opportunity for us to co-sponsor
the 14th Annual Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium (SILS) with the Saginaw
Chippewa Tribal Nation. Held in Mount Pleasant, Michigan from June 1-3, 2007,
this year's symposium features the theme, "Working Together, We Can Bring Back
the Language: How Technology Can Make it Happen." For more information, please
consult our page:

I was chosen as team leader at LINGUIST to build the website and help with the
organization of all aspects of the workshop. I am truly interested in this
conference not only because I get to learn web design, but also because I truly
believe in such joint efforts to bring linguists and tribal people together to
save languages and cultures. This year's 14th annual SILS symposium is expected
to again gather together a large number of language instructors, technology
experts and linguists to share the work and dreams of endangered language
communities all over the world.

This conference is just one aspect of The LINGUIST List's involvement in
endangered languages. The School of Best Practices (SOBP) continues to evolve
from the E-MELD workshops, presenting the best ways to digitize your linguistic
materials to prevent language data obsolescence. The SOBP is also home to eleven
case studies of digitization of endangered languages data. LINGUIST even hosts
The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA)
on its site.

From SILS to SSILA, LINGUIST is committed to serving the linguistics community
by hosting such conferences and by making the information from them available to
all. We look forward to serving you in even more ways and to hearing from you
during Fund Drive 2007. Thank you.

Bethany Townsend, LINGUIST Editor

Message 2: Editor Bethany Townsend on Doing 'The Dirty Work'
Date: 23-Mar-2007
From: linguist <linguistlinguistlist.org>
Subject: Editor Bethany Townsend on Doing 'The Dirty Work'

Dear Subscribers, 

This is only my first year as part of the LINGUIST List crew. I came on board as
an undergraduate in my final semester, and I never knew that it was possible to
get as much out of a job as from your formal education. As former Financial Editor
Liping Wang was leaving, Helen offered me a job working with finances, and even
with no previous experience, I agreed because I knew what a unique opportunity the
chance to work here really was.

Everyone at LINGUIST begins doing the dirty work that keeps us functioning - editing
web submissions, posting issues, handling finances. Beyond such tasks, however,
we get to become involved in really interesting projects and activities. I am
currently the conference coordinator for the 14th Annual Stabilizing Indigenous
Languages Symposium (http://linguistlist.org/sils/). Being a part of this project
has taught me a skill that I find incredibly valuable - web design. Also, I am
one of the students involved in Multi-Tree, a project that involves researching
and digitizing different hypotheses on language families (http://linguistlist.org/multitree/).
Through this work, I've learned a lot more about historical linguistics and am
considering pursuing it when I go on to get my PhD. It has also put me in contact
with several renowned linguists working in this specialized area of linguistics.
LINGUIST isn't just a resource for subscribers; it's also a learning opportunity
for me and an amazing place to be.

I still work with financial aspects of LINGUIST, and we are currently trying to
improve the quality of service we offer to publishers and those institutions posting
job opportunities. We're also in the process of upgrading our credit card processing
system to make donating faster and more efficient.

Finally, I'm excited to be one of the Fund Drive co-coordinators this year, trying
to make this the most fun and successful Fund Drive to date. (Any suggestions
you have are definitely welcome!) Not only is LINGUIST involved in posting all
the information that you use as a resource, it is also working on innovative projects
like Multi-Tree behind the scenes. Once unveiled, this project and others we are
undertaking will be available for the linguistics community and general public.
Maintaining these resources that we all use is, of course, only possible because
of donations from subscribers like you. Thank you to those of you who have already
contributed this year. If you have not already done so, please consider sending
us support to help keep these incredible resources functioning for the benefit
of all.


Bethany Townsend
Co-Coordinator, Fund Drive 2007

This Year the LINGUIST List hopes to raise $55,000. This money will go to help keep the 
List running by supporting all of our Student Editors for the coming year.

See below for donation instructions, and don't forget to check out our Fund Drive 2007 
LINGUIST List Superhero Adventure for some Fund Drive fun!


There are many ways to donate to LINGUIST!

You can donate right now using our secure credit card form.

Alternatively you can also pledge right now and pay later.

For all information on donating and pledging, including information on how to donate by 
check, money order, or wire transfer, please visit:


The LINGUIST List is under the umbrella of Eastern Michigan University and as such can 
receive donations through the EMU Foundation, which is a registered 501(c) Non Profit 
organization. Our Federal Tax number is 38-6005986. These donations can be offset against 
your federal and sometimes your state tax return (U.S. tax payers only). For more 
information visit the IRS Web-Site, or contact your financial advisor.

Many companies also offer a gift matching program, such that they will match any gift 
you make to a non-profit organization. Normally this entails your contacting your human 
resources department and sending us a form that the EMU Foundation fills in and returns 
to your employer. This is generally a simple administrative procedure that doubles the 
value of your gift to LINGUIST, without costing you an extra penny. Please take a moment 
to check if your company operates such a program.

Thank you very much for your support of LINGUIST!


We would like to thank all of the publishers and subscribers who
donated prizes for this year's Fund Drive games, puzzles, and 

Publisher Prize Donors: 

Cascadilla Press 
Edinburgh University Press
Hodder Arnold
Mouton de Gruyter
Multilingual Matters
Sage Publications

Subscriber Prize Donors:
Rusudan Amirejibi-Mullen
Paola Attolino
Cristiano Chesi
Greville G. Corbett
Rosa J. Garcia B. Cordova
Gang Gu
Suzette Haden Elgin
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Sandra Thompson
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Earl M Herrick 
Elizabeth Cowper 
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Ernest McCarus 
Frances Trix 
Gerardo Lorenzino 
Hans Lindquist 
Heike Behrens 
Judith Fuller 
Julie Auger 
Kanjana Thepboriruk 
Karen Davis 
Katy Carlson 
Kemp Williams 
Keren Rice 
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Catherine Anderson 
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Eileen Smith 
Elisabeth Norcliffe 
Eva Lavric 
Evelyn E. Feliciano 
Hortensia Curell 
Igor Z. Zagar 
iris flannery 
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Jacques Jayez 
James Kirkmeyer 
Jeffrey Heinz 
Jila Ghomeshi 
K. David Harrison 
Kat Dziwirek 
Kathleen Currie Hall 
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Theres Grueter 
Toshihiro Sugawara 
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Vieri Samek-Lodovici 

- Plus 11 anonymous donors


Cascadilla Press 
Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd 
Edinburgh University Press 
European Language Resources Association - ELRA 
Georgetown University Press 
Hodder Arnold 
John Benjamins 
Lincom GmbH 
Mouton de Gruyter 
Multilingual Matters 
Oxford University Press 
Pagijong Press 
Palgrave Macmillan 
Peter Lang AG 

CSLI Publications 
International Pragmatics Assoc. 
Linguistic Assoc. of Finland 
Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics / Landelijke - LOT 
SIL International 
St. Jerome Publishing Ltd. 



BAE Systems 
Basis Technology 
Basis Technology Corporation 
BeVocal, Inc 
Boston University 
Bridgewater State College 
Butler Hill Group 
CELI s.r.l. 
City University of Hong Kong 
Concordia University 
Darmstadt University of Technology 
Dongduk Women's University 
English School Sunny Plus 
Grove City College 
Gyeonggi English Village 
Hablamos Juntos - UCSF 
Haskins Laboratories 
Hokkaido University 
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin 
Indiana University 
Indiana University - Bloomington 
Ingenuity Systems 
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main 
Johns Hopkins University 
Kent State University 
KNOVA Software, Inc. 
La Trobe University 
LearnBalance Group 
Leibniz Universität Hannover 
Lexicon Branding, Inc. 
Linguistic Data Consortium, University of Pennsylvania 
Louisiana State University 
Maher Language Institute (MLI) 
McGill University 
McNeil Technologies, Inc. 
Michigan State University 
Monterey Institute of International Studies 
National Sun Yat-sen University 
National Taiwan Normal University 
Nemours/AI duPont Hospital for Children 
Nordic CoE in Microcomparative Syntax 
Northwestern University 
Nuance Communications, Inc. 
Q-go Netherlands bv 
Radboud University Nijmegen 
RiverGlass, Inc. 
RWTH Aachen 
San Diego State University 
SDL International 
Seattle Pacific University 
Shenandoah University 
Simon Fraser University 
SOAS, University of London 
Stony Brook University 
SYSTRAN Software, Inc. 
The Australian National University 
The State University of New York at Buffalo 
Tuebingen University 
Tufts University 
University College London 
University of Aberdeen 
University of Alaska Fairbanks 
University of Alberta 
University of Arizona 
University of British Columbia 
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 
University of California, San Diego 
University of California, Santa Barbara 
University of Chicago 
University of Cologne 
University of Delaware 
University of Edinburgh 
University of Geneva 
University of Hamburg (Germany) 
University of Leeds 
University of Mary Washington 
University of Maryland 
University of Maryland University College 
University of Michigan 
University of Mississippi 
University of Missouri-Rolla 
University of Neuchatel 
University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China 
University Of Oregon 
University of Oxford 
University of Pittsburgh 
University of Potsdam 
University of Texas at San Antonio 
University of Trento (Italy) 
University of Tromsø 
University of Utah 
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