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LINGUIST List 18.820

Fri Mar 16 2007

TOC: Penn Working Papers in Linguistics 13/1 (2007)

Editor for this issue: Maria Moreno-Rollins <marialinguistlist.org>

        1.    Keelan Evanini, Penn Working Papers in Linguistics Vol 13, No 1 (2007)

Message 1: Penn Working Papers in Linguistics Vol 13, No 1 (2007)
Date: 09-Mar-2007
From: Keelan Evanini <keelan2babel.ling.upe>
Subject: Penn Working Papers in Linguistics Vol 13, No 1 (2007)

Publisher: Penn Linguistics Club

Journal Title: U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics
Volume Number: 13
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2007

Subtitle: Proceedings of PLC 30

Main Text:


Karlos Arregi and Andrew Nevins. Obliteration vs. impoverishment in the Basque
g-/z- constraint. 1-14

Yukiko Asano. Restructuring in Japanese revisited: A phrasal movement analysis
of purpose expressions. 15-28

Joan Chen-Main. Rules, constraints, and overlapping violations: The case of
Acoma accent loss. 29-42

Aniko Csirmaz. Measuring times. 43-56

Kirsten Gengel. The role of contrast in deletion processes. 57-69

Daniel Ezra Johnson. Stability and change along a dialect boundary: The low
vowel mergers of Southeastern New England. 71-84

Jason Kandybowicz. Fusion and PF architecture. 85-98

Konstantia Kapetangianni. Is there a syntax-pragmatics interface delay in early
child grammars? The evidence from Greek. 99-112.

Takaomi Kato. The CSC as an LF condition: Evidence from Neg-raising in Japanese.

Hyunjoo Kim. A-bar interveners in WH questions. 127-140

Thomas Leu. These HERE demonstratives. 141-154.

Lisa Levinson. Finding arguments for pseudo-resultative predicates. 155-168.

Chao Li. Split ergativity in Nepali and its typological significance. 169-182

Sean Madigan and Masahiro Yamada. Asymmetry in anaphoric dependencies: A
cross-linguistic study of inclusive reference. 183-195

Shakuntala Mahanta. On the convergence of positional markedness and positional
faithfulness in vowel harmony. 197-210

Haruko Matsui. NPI licensing and head movement. 211-224

Thomas McFadden. Default case and the status of compound categories in
Distributed Morphology. 225-238

Anna McNay. Split topicalisation and pseudo-partitivity. 239-252

Gereon Muller. Extended exponence by enrichment: Argument encoding in German,
Archi, and Timucua. 253-266

Miki Obata. A/A'-Asymmetries: Finiteness sensitivity in Wh-movement. 267-280

Anna Papafragou and Ozge Isik Ozturk. On the acquisition of modality. 281-293

Jeffrey K. Parrott. Distributed morphological mechanisms of Smith Island weren't
leveling. 295-308

Long Peng. Gemination and anti-gemination: Meinhof's law in LuGanda and Kikuyu.

Dorian Roehrs. Split-NPs as an instance of sideward movement. 323-336

Pawel Rutkowski. The syntactic structure of grammaticalized partitives
(pseudo-partitives). 337-350

Tara Sanchez. Layers of contact-induced change: Transfer and calquing as changes
from above. 351-364

Dennis Ryan Storoshenko. Requirements for a unified Binding Theory: Lessons from
Halkomelem Salish. 365-378

David Stringer. Extending the PP hierarchy: The role of bare nominals in spatial
predication. 379-392

Suzanne Evans Wagner. "We act like girls and we don't act like men": The use of
the male-associated variable (ay0) in South Philadelphia. 393-406

Susi Wurmbrand. Infinitives are tenseless. 407-420

Zheng Xu. An optimality-theoretic account of full and partial identity of forms.

Tomoyuki Yabe. The determinations of a phonological exponent of agentive v in
the Oromo morphological causatives. 435-448

Gwanhi Yun. The effects of phonetic gestures and phonological rules on
intergestural timing relations. 449-462

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics
                            General Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Basque (eus)
                            English (eng)
                            Borana (gax)
                            German, Standard (deu)
                            Greek (ell)
                            Japanese (jpn)
                            Gikuyu (kik)
                            Ganda (lug)
                            Nepali (nep)
                            Timucua (tjm)

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