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Fri Apr 08 2005

Smashed: Final Fund Drive Total is $50758!!

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        1.     linguist, Thank you, thank you, thank you!
        2.     linguist, Are Your Pockets Still Weighing You Down?
        3.     linguist, The Definitive List of LINGUIST Supporters...

Message 1: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Date: 08-Apr-2005
From: linguist <>
Subject: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Fund Drive 2005 is now on! Visit to donate now!
Dear LINGUIST Readers,

We are positively thrilled to announce that this year's fund drive has broken
through its goal of $48,867 to raise almost $50,000 in subscriber donations!!

We cannot thank you all enough for your contributions. We would also like to
give special thanks the LAGB, DGfS, all the Linguists at the University of
Michigan and IBM. And special thanks of course to our $2000-dash inspiring
anonymous donor!

But these big donations would never be enough on their own, and it really is
true that every single penny of support you send us goes directly towards paying
our student editors, without whom we could never keep going!

As we've mentioned in our previous letters to you, our student editors not only
provide you with the LINGUIST list and our variety of services, they also, with
your support, go on to successful careers in linguistics and computer science.

While our fund drive is officially over, and we have reached our official goal,
we will certainly appreciate any donations or pledges that you still wish to
send us!

Each year the services we provide you are enhanced or expanded, and each year
the costs of running the list grow exponentially. Your money never goes to
waste. And in some past years we've had surprise expenses (such as the emergency
need for new computer equipment), so we appreciate having some cushion of
financial safety.

There are two convenient methods by which you can make your tax deductible
donation to LINGUIST. You can donate via our secure credit card form at:

or by sending your check to:

The LINGUIST Editorial Support FundDept. of English
Eastern Michigan U.
Ypsilanti, MI USA 48197

Thank you so all so much for making this fund drive one of our most successful
(and shortest) ones yet.

Your LINGUIST crew,

Anthony Aristar, Helen Aristar-Dry, Michael Appleby, Andrea Berez, Jessica
Boynton, Zhenwei Chen, Marisa Ferrara, Naomi Fox, Toru Honda, Susan
Hooyenga, Vanessa Manion, Takako Matsui, Steven Moran, Maria Moreno-Rollins,
Prashant Nagaraja, Naomi Ogasawara, Amy Renaud, Neil Salmond, Ann Sawyer,
Gayathri Sriram, Peiyin Tsai, Sadie Williams, Amy Wronkowicz, Haini Yang,
Megan Zdrojkowski

Message 2: Are Your Pockets Still Weighing You Down?

Date: 08-Apr-2005
From: linguist <>
Subject: Are Your Pockets Still Weighing You Down?

The LINGUIST List is a non-profit organization supported entirely by people like
you. All donations to LINGUIST go to help keep the List running, by supporting
our Student Editors for the coming year.

There are many ways to donate to LINGUIST!

You can donate right now using our secure credit card form.

Alternatively you can also pledge right now and pay later.

For all information on donating and pledging, including information on how to
donate by check, money order, or wire transfer, please visit:

The LINGUIST List is under the umbrella of Eastern Michigan University and as
such can receive donations through the EMU Foundation, which is a registered
501(c) Non Profit organization. Our Federal Tax number is 38-6005986. These
donations can be offset against your federal and sometimes your state tax return
(U.S. tax payers only). For more information visit the IRS Web-Site, or contact
your financial advisor.

Many companies also offer a gift matching program, such that they will match any
gift you make to a non-profit organization. Normally this entails your
contacting your human resources department and sending us a form that the EMU
Foundation fills in and returns to your employer. This is generally a simple
administrative procedure that doubles the value of your gift to LINGUIST,
without costing you an extra penny. Please take a moment to check if your
company operates such a program.

Thank you very much for your support of LINGUIST!

Message 3: The Definitive List of LINGUIST Supporters...

Date: 08-Apr-2005
From: linguist <>
Subject: The Definitive List of LINGUIST Supporters...

LINGUIST Contributors

Angels ($1000 and over)
IBM Matching Grants Program
LAGB Linguistics Association of Great Britain,
Linguistics Department University of Michigan,
Plus one anonymous donor

Mainstays ($100 to $1000)
Shanley Allen
Mark Amsler
Gregory D. S. Anderson
Frank Anshen
Ron Artstein
Julie Auger
Wynn Chao and Emmon Bach
Catherine Ball
Patrice Beddor
Heike Behrens
Robert and Kimberly Belvin
Victoria Bergvall
Tej Bhatia
Julian Bradfield
Dan Finer and Ellen Broselow
Wayles Browne
Mary Bucholtz
Laura Callahan
Wannie Carstens
Eugenia Casielles
Justine Cassell
Paul Chapin
Donna Christian
Karen Chung
Billy Clark
Ross Clark
Jennifer Cole
Columbia School Linguistic Society
Bernard Comrie
Sharon Cote
Suzanne Curtin
Anthony R. Davis
Karen Davis
Koenraad De Smedt
Douglas Dee
University of Melbourne Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
University of Melbourne Department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Rainer Dietrich
Mark Donohue
Bethany K. Dumas
Arienne M. Dwyer
Cynthia Edmiston
anita fetzer
Joseph F Foster
Bruce Fraser
Edward Garrett
Merrill Garrett
Jeff Good
Gene Gragg
Kevin Gregg
Stefan Thomas Gries
Zenzi M. Griffin
MJ Hardman
Carolyn Hartnett
Yoko Hasegawa
Kirk Hazen
Earl M. Herrick
Michael Hess
Steve Hewitt
Inga Dolinina Hitchcock
Gary Holton
Yue Yuan Huang
Baden Hughes
Michael Hußmann
Yoshiyuki Igarashi
International Gender and Language Association (IGALA)
Masahide Ishihara
James Jenkins
Elsi Kaiser
Simin Karimi
Heather King
John Kingston
sharon klein
Angelika Kratzer
D. Terence Langendoen
John M.Lawler
Lorraine Levin
Elizabeth Liddy
Rochelle Lieber
Gerardo Lorenzino
Margaret Lubbers-Quesada
Monica Macaulay
Heather McCallum-Bayliss
Ernest McCarus
Sally McConnell-Ginet
Jennifer McFadden
Cecile McKee
Gerald McMenamin
Josep M. Fontana and Louise McNally
Line Mikkelsen
Denise Miller
Karen Milligan
Danny Moates
Danny R. Moates
Victoria Muehleisen
Dipika Mukherjee
Pam and Allen Munro
M Lynne Murphy
Margaret Winters and Geoff Nathan
Amy Weinberg and Norbert Hornstein
Manuela Noske
geoffrey nunberg
Sharon Obeidallah
Kyoko Ono
Barbara H Partee
Penn Linguistics Club, University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania Linguistics Club
Colin Phillips
Paul M. Postal
Gilbert Rappaport
Martha Ratliff
John Reighard
Keren Rice
Elizabeth Riddle
UConn Linguistic Club - Department of Linguistics
Catherine Rudin
Kevin Russell
Ute Römer
Louis de Saussure
Shirley Silver
Michael Silverstein
Dan Slobin
Margaret Speas
Bernard Spolsky
Herb Stahlke
Sanford Steever
Surrey Morphology Group
Michael Swan
Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics (CASTL)
Ash Asudeh and Ida Toivonen
Graduate Student and Faculty Members, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Toronto
Elizabeth Traugott
Frances Trix
Utilika Foundation
Elly van Gelderen
Karl Heinz Wagner
Laura Wagner
Catherine Walter
Natasha Warner
Adam Werle
Mary A. Willie
Christine Winskowski
Cathy Sin Ping WONG
Richard Wright
Ayako Yamagata
Larisa Zlatic
Arnold Zwicky
Plus 15 anonymous donors

Supporters ($50 to $100)
Adam Albright
Cecilia Alm
Sherida Altehenger-Smith
mustafa altun
Katherine Appleby
Diana Archangeli
Mira Ariel
Deborah Arteaga
Antoine Auchlin
Joan Baart
Timothy Baldwin
Keira Ballantyne
Joaquim Barbosa
Jessica Barlow
Susanne Bartke
Michael Becker
Andrea Berez
Catie Berkenfield
Stefano Bertolo
Michael Betsch
Theresa Biberauer
Aleka Blackwell
Corrien Blom
Claire Bowern
Janice Boynton
Charlotte Brammer
Eric Breck
Chris Brew
Christopher Brewster
Alexander Brock
Stuart Brown
Sabine Buchholz
Lynn Burley
Susan Meredith Burt
Noel Burton-Roberts
Dirk Bury
Patricia Cabredo Hofherr
Michael Cahill
Mary Clayton and R. Joe Campbell
Mary L. Clayton and R. Joe Campbell
Ivano Caponigro
Katy Carlson
Andrew Carnie
Carlo Cecchetto
Hsiang-Hua Chang
Lan-Hsin Chang
Jinny Choi
Cornell Linguistics Circle
Andries W Coetzee
Kearsy Cormier
Tom Cornell
Karen Corrigan
Cassandre Creswell
Fred Cummins
Hubert Cuyckens
Mary Dalrymple
Francesca Del Gobbo
Mahide Demirci
Patricia Donaher
Thomas Doukas
Laura Downing
Francisco Dubert
Margaret Dunham
Indranil Dutta
Educational Linguistics Forum
Robert Englebretson
Birgitta Englund Dimitrova
Mary S Erbaugh
Joseph Eska
Paula Fikkert
Kerstin Fischer
Susan Fischer
Sarah Fish
John Flynn
Michael Flynn
Raffaella Folli
Rachel Fournier
Anna Fowles-Winkler
Janet Fuller
Judith W. Fuller
Lee Fullerton
Susanne Gahl
Lisa Galvin
Gregory Garretson
LouAnn Gerken
Anja Geumann
Margarita Goded Rambaud
marjorie Goodwin
Cynthia Gordon
Steven Gross
Christine Gunlogson
Shaw Gynan
Hartmut Haberland
Robert Hagiwara
Clyde Hankey
Annabel Harrison
Martin Haspelmath
Antoinette Hawayek
Nancy Hedberg
Matthias Heinz
Marlis Hellinger
Barbara Herrarte
susan herring
Caroline Heycock
Jane H Hill
Dave Holsinger
Patrick Honeybone
Uri Horesh
Suying Hsiao
Tsan Huang
Grover Hudson
Mutsuko Endo Hudson
Richard Hudson
Terumi Imai
Tania Ionin
Amy Isard
Akira Ishikawa
Seizi Iwata
Scott Jackson
Roderick A. Jacobs
Tomás Jiménez Juliá
Paul Justice
Jeff Kaplan
Wolfgang Kehrein
Deborah Keller-Cohen
Jean-Charles Khalifa
Veronika Koller
Mariko Kondo
George Tsoulas and Kook Hee Gil
Valia Kordoni
Stacy Krainz
Joost Kremers
Bernard Kripkee
Claudia Kunschak
Donna Lardiere
Sonja Launspach
James Lavine
Philip LeSourd
Hans Lindquist
Linguistic Variation in Eastern Indonesia: The Alor and Pantar Project
Association and academic journal Linguistica Occitana
Haiyong Liu
Helge Lodrup
Hansen Maj-Britt Mosegaard
Josefa Mardijono
Rui Marques
WHISC, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Ora Matushansky
Marios Mavrogiorgos
c mccollie-lewis
Scott McGinnis
Fiona McLaughlin
Jos�-Luis Mendivil
Marianne Milligan
Eleni Miltsakaki
Jim Fidelholtz and Rosa Graciela Montes
Regina Morin
Gereon Mueller
Joybrato Mukherjee
Jean Mulder
Bernd S. Müller
Naomi Nagy
Mary Neff
Nancy Niedzielski
Thor Sigurd Nilsen
Rachel Nordlinger
Northeastern University
Mary O'Brien
Erin O'Bryan
Kathleen O'Connor-Bater
Meghan O'Donnell
Naomi Ogasawara
N. Ogawa
Neil Olsen
Mitsuhiko Ota
Mark Overstreet
Karolina Owczarzak
Kate Paesani
Frankie Patman
Trudi Patterson
Paul Peranteau
Pat Perez
Roland Pfau
Gill Philip
Betty Phillips
Lisa Pierce
Ingo Plag
A. Jeff Popko
Jorge Porcel
Claus D. Pusch
Josep Quer
Christine Raschka
Nan Ratner
Ray Reighart
Alice Turk & Bert Remijsen
Kathryn Remlinger
Marc Richards
Norvin Richards
Diane Massam and Yves Roberge
Robert Rodman
Tom Roeper
Sara Rosen
Anette Rosenbach
Joana Rossello
Don Rubin
Cinzia Russi
Laura Sabourin
Branca Salles
Pollet Samvelian
Guergana Savova
Andrea C. Schalley
Joanne Scheibman
Frank Schumacher
Bonnie D. Schwartz
Scott Schwenter
Charles Scott
Amanda Seidl
Randy Sharp
Philip Shaw
Enchao Shi
Sarah Shin
Robin Shoaps
Maria Sifianou
Andrea Sims
Keith Slater
Jennifer L Smith
Trudy Smoke
Antonella Sorace
Bruce Spencer
Jeffrey Steele
Oliver Stegen
Markus Steinbach
Barbara Stiebels
Tim Stowell
Gail Stygall
Nancy Sullivan
Maite Taboada
Susan Tamasi
Sophia Tapio
Pius ten Hacken
Marina Terkourafi
Marya Teutsch-Dwyer
Alfredo Torrejon
Nancy Underwood
Elena Valenzuela
Margaret van Naerssen
James Vanden Bosch
Wim Vandenbussche
Christina Villafana
Zvjezdana Vrzic
anja wanner
Kathleen M. Ward
Thomas Wasow
Tom Wasow
Ann Wehmeyer
Pauline Welby
Stefan Werner
Suzanne Wertheim
Thomas Weskott
Rebecca Wheeler
Grace Wiersma
Wendy Wilkins
Elizabeth Winkler
Jo Winter
Mary Ruth Wise
Johanna Wood
Tomoko Yasutake
annie zaenen
Laurie Zaring
Jack B. Zeldos
Frauke Zeller
Jie Zhang
Barbara Zurer Pearson
Plus 28 anonymous donors

Donors (Up to $50)
Harrison Adeniyi
Anders Ahlqvist
Yukiko Alam Sasaki
Josep Alba-Salas
Catherine Anderson
Michael Anderson
Jan Anderssen
Mary Antonia Andronis
Philipp Sebastian Angermeyer
Diana Apoussidou
xabier artiagoitia
Kristen Asplin
Maher Awad
Sergio Baauw
Christopher Bader
Marianne Bakro-Nagy
Alejandra Balestra
Doug Ball
eva bar-shalom
Anne Barron
Ruby Basham
Benedetta Bassetti
Leah Bateman
Rosemary Beam de Azcona
John Beavers
Christopher Becker
Mayrene Bentley
Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero
Liz Blount
Patrick Bolger
Zinny Bond
John Braico
Bettina Braun
Caren Brinckmann
George Aaron Broadwell
Cristiano Broccias
Julie Bruch
Johanna Brugman
Lou Brunette
Adrienne Bruyn
Claudia Bubel
Adam Buchwald
Alberto Bustos Plaza
Nicholas Caffrey
Jose Camacho
Katherine HY Chen
Deborah Chen Pichler
Miranda Cleary
Llorenç Comajoan
Elisabeth Cottier-Fabian
Elisabeth Cottier-Fábián
Clifford Crawford
Donna Cromer
Maria Cristina Cuervo
Nathan Culwell-Kanarek
Sarah Cummins
Hortensia Curell
Cecelia Cutler
Christiane Dalton-Puffer
Lisa Davidson
Philippe De Brabanter
Christel de Bruijn
Cecile De Cat
v.a. de rooij
Ingrid de Saint-Georges
Nicole Dehe
Marisol del-Teso-Craviotto
Dirk-Bart den Ouden
Marc Deneire
Department of Linguistics
Jean-Marc Dewaele
Stefan Dollinger
Sheila Dooley
Brian Doyle
Sylvie Dubois
Mercedes Durham
Robert Early
Peter M Ecke
Michael Erard
Gregor Erbach
Feride Erku
Elizabeth Erling
Bruno Estigarribia
Marc Ettlinger
ricardo etxepare
Ann Evans
Anna Fagan
Paul Fallon
V J Fedson
Fernanda Ferreira
Ludwig Fesenmeier
Ashley Fidler
Susan Fiksdal
Will Fitzgerald
Nicholas Fleisher
Rebecca Foote
Curtis Ford
Catherine Fortin
Naomi Fox
John Frampton
Raffaella Zanuttini and Bob Frank
Robert French
Stefan Frisch
Alison Gabriele
Pilar Garces
Manfred Gehrke
Effi Georgala
Jila Ghomeshi
Jason Ginsburg
Cynthia girand
Jonathan Glenn
Kevin Glover
Keith Goeringer
Lotus Goldberg
Matt Goldrick
Marina Gorlach
stephanie gottwald
Randolph Graczyk
Sage Graham
Luisa Granato
Tanja Grewe
Mary C. Gruber
Theres Grueter
Olya Gurevich
Rodrigo Gutierrez-Bravo
Florian Haas
Tim Hadley
Lauren Hall-Lew
James Hammons
Henk Harkema
Heidi Harley
Sarah Harmon
Steve Hartman Keiser
katharina haude
Jennifer Hay
Rachel Hayes-Harb
Paul Hedley
fredrik heinat
Sara Heitshu
Daphna Heller
San Hellmuth
Brent Henderson
Simona Herdan
D Herrick
Frank Herrmann
Katrin Hiietam
Marc-Olivier Hinzelin
Charlotte Hohnheit
Janet Holmes
D. Eric Holt
Alice Horning
Jonathan Howell
Jose'l Hualde
Shizhe (Shi-Zhe) Huang
Julia Huettner
Kirsten Hummel
Alisha Hunt
Shin Ja Hwang
Aritz Irurtzun
Prof Shlomo izreel
T. Florian Jaeger
Julia James
Gerd Jendraschek
Ellert Johannsson
Christopher Johns
Kent Johnson
Arsalan Kahnemuyipour
Heather Ann Kaldeway
Dina Kapetangianni
Graham Katz
Yordanka Kavalova
Istvan Kecskes
Ans van Kemenade
Cecilia Kirk
Carol Klee
Cordula Klein
Harriet E. Klein
Eva Klingvall
Marie Klopfenstein
Dale Koike
Thomas Koller
Kenneth Konopka
Marek Koscielecki
Laurence Krute
Johanna Laakso
Larry LaFond
Karita Laisi
Jacques Lamarche
Pierre Larrivee
Jenifer Larson-Hall
Agnieszka Lazorczyk
Chang S. Lee
Chao-Yang Lee
Seunghun Lee
Gerhard Leitner
Joan Levinson
lisa levinson
John Levis
Susanne Ley
Douglas Lightfoot
Brook Lillehaugen
Andrew Linn
Miriam Locher
Dan Loehr
Leila Lomashvili
Gwendolyn Lowes
Harriet Luria
Nuria López-Ortega
Jo Mackiewicz
Shakuntala Mahanta
Emar Maier
Mark Mandel
Bruce Mannheim
Stefania Marin
Michael Marlo
Fabienne Martin
Katherine Martinez
Akiyo Maruyama
Jobin Mathew
Bart Mathias
Mike Matloff
John Matthews
Lisa Matthewson
Michael Maxwell
Catherine Mayo
Rod McConchie
Laura McGarrity
Martha McGinnis
Tracey McHenry
Nancy Melucci
Paula Menendez-Benito
Linnea Micciulla
Lisa Minnick
Hirono Mogi
Norberto e Isabel Moreno Quiben-Perez Jimenez
Anne Morrison
Simone Mueller
Carsten Naeher
Heiko Narrog
Lance Nathan
Amber A. Neely
Michael Newman
Chad Nilep
Marie Nilsenova
Jon Nissenbaum
Elisabeth Norcliffe
Muriel Norde
Rick Nouwen
Dimitrios Ntelitheos
Loretta O'Connor
Erin O'Rourke
Diane Ohala
Tomoko Okuno
Leonardo Oliveira
Mateus Oliveira
Hajime Ono
David Oshima
Sean Palmer
Ning Pan
Maren Pannemann
Robert A. Papen
Mikael Parkvall
Luis Passeggi
Frederique Passot
Przemyslaw Pawelec
Alexandra Perovic
Evanthia Petropoulou
Andrea H. Pham
Tuan PhamVan
Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini
Heike Pichler
Michael Pickering
Sam Pilato
Ginger Pizer
Keith Plaster
Jorge Porras
Ljiljana Progovac
Hugo Quené
Sumayya Racy
Flora Ramírez Bustamante
Brianna G. Rauschuber
Anne Reboul
Xose Luis Regueira-Fernandez
Donald F Reindl
Davi Reis
Tomas Riad
Kylie richardson
Peter Richtsmeier
Arndt Riester
Emily Rine
Sarah Romike
Phaedra Royle
Juan Carlos Rubio
Jeffrey Runner
Eric Russell Webb
Suha Safiyiddeen
shahrzad Saif
Morris Salkff
Will Salmon
Martin Salzmann
Christopher Sams
Bridget Samuels
Bonny Sands
Maria Leonor Santos
Priyankoo Sarmah
Peter Kühnlein and Claudia Sassen
Shannon Sauro
Roser Saurí
Andrea Scheller
Herbert Schendl
Daniel Schnorbusch
Mathias Schulze
Christoph Schwarze
Koen Sebregts
Leon A. Serafim
Lee Shaffer
Beat Siebenhaar
Claire Bradin Siskin
rajka smiljanic
Ute Smit
Eileen Smith
Sandra W Smith
margaret Sonmez
anna spagnolli
Andrew Spencer
Nancy Stenson
Tamina Stephenson
Nancy Stern
Stuart Stewart
Andrea Stiasny
Linnaea Stockall
Uri Strauss
Oliver Streiter
David Stringer
Jan Strunk
Hsi-Yao Su
Mickey Swart
Azita Taleghani
Liang Tao
Heather Lee Taylor
John te Velde
Laura Teddiman
Janneke ter Beek
Anne-Michelle Tessier
Tully J. Thibeau
Henry S Thompson
Daniel Tight
Stephen Tobin
Hisao Tokizaki
Judith Tonhauser
Matthew Toulmin
Mercedes Tubino
Shelley Tulloch
Ian Underwood
Sharon Unsworth
Adam and Andy Ussishkin and Wedel
Rene Valdes
Angeliek van Hout
Humphrey van Polanen Petel
Job van Zuijlen
Reiko Vermeulen
Ljuba Veselinova
Joshua Viau
Luis Vicente
Victoria Vázquez
Michael Wagner
Matthew Walenski
Alan Wallington
Mary Ann Walter
Richard Waltereit
Cathleen Waters
Jessica Weinberg
Max Wheeler
Vicki White
Richard Whitt
Camilla Wide
Nancy Wiegand
Ashley Williams
Erik Willis
W. Keith Winkler
Richard Winters
LSO, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jan Wohlgemuth
Lynsey Wolter
Maurice Wong
Fay Wouk
Aris Xanthos
Ming Xiang
Tomohiro Yanagi
Robert Yates
Jiahong Yuan
Gwanhi Yun
Dietmar Zaefferer
Igor Z. Zagar
Joanna Zaleska
Hedde Zeijlstra
Tadhg Ó hIfearnáin
Plus 84 anonymous donors

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