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  1. lincom.europa, A Grammar of Gujarati: Doctor

Message 1: A Grammar of Gujarati: Doctor

Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 17:05:43 -0500 (EST)
From: lincom.europa <>
Subject: A Grammar of Gujarati: Doctor

Title: A Grammar of Gujarati
Series Title: LINCOM Studies in Indo-European Linguistics 28
Publication Year: 2004
Publisher: Lincom GmbH,		 
Author: Raiomond Doctor, University of Pune, India 

Paperback: ISBN: 895865494, Pages: 100, Price: 89586 549 4


Gujarati, belonging to the Indo-Aryan family, is spoken by
approximately 46,100,000 or more speakers. It is the official
language of Gujarat state and is also used in 16 other countries
around the world, thanks to the Gujarati diaspora. Having several
dialects, which moreover have been little explored, Gujarati is very
rich in literary style and has a long literary tradition. The
grammatical analysis proposed here is of Gujarati as taught and used
by educated speakers of the language. The grammar provides basic
information on the phonology, writing system, morphology and the
syntax of the language. A short introduction outlines the
geolinguistic situation of Gujarati. The chapter on phonology studies
the vowels, consonants as well as the syllable structure of
Gujarati. Special attention is given to the murmur sounds of the
language, since these are a marked feature of Gujarati. A short
overview of the syllable structure and of the prosody of Gujarati is
also furnished. The analysis of the writing system starts off with a
brief historical sketch of the evolution of Gujarati graphemes,
followed by a script grammar of the consonants, vowels/matras, and
other modifiers. Conjuncts and ligatures both of the vowels and the
consonants are also analysed. Gujarati is essentially a morphological
language and hence major stress is laid on its morphology. This
chapter describes nominal and verbal morphology as well as the
adjuncts. There are two numbers, three genders and three cases, with
the nominal elements being declined according to their final
elements. The analysis of the verbal system outlines the tenses and
the moods. Causatives, which are a special feature of Gujarati, are of
particular interest. Non-declined elements constitute adverbs,
clitics, particles and connectives. A special section is also given
over to derivational morphology with a study of the most important
suffixes and prefixes of the language, derived both from Sanskrit and
Persian. The broad overview of syntax describes the basic sentence
types of Gujarati, word-order, participial structures, negation and
coordination and subordination. The last chapter provides a list of
the most common idiomatic structures of the language. The study is
essentially corpus-linguistics driven and examples provided are based
on a large oral and written corpus of present-day Gujarati. For the
convenience of those familiar with the Gujarati script, the examples
are transcribed both in IPA and in Gujarati. (also see the LINCOM
webshop: Course discounts available! invoices in USD and
GBP available.

Lingfield(s):	Indo-Aryan Linguistics (Typology)

Written In:	English (Language Code: ENG)

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