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Thu Jan 29 2004

Qs: L2 Acqisition/Japanese; Deaf Learning/English

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  1. Catherine Durand, Acquisition of Japanese locative particles
  2. June Yang, Deaf Child fr Minority Language Family

Message 1: Acquisition of Japanese locative particles

Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 17:26:33 -0500 (EST)
From: Catherine Durand <>
Subject: Acquisition of Japanese locative particles

I am an M.A. student in Applied Linguistics and have chosen as a topic
for my thesis the acquisition of Japanese locative particles by adult
English and/or French speakers. I am interested in studying the
sequence of acquisition of these features, as well as the possible
influence of transfer. Most of the articles I have found, however,
report studies conducted with children who are studying Japanese with
the FLES Programme in the United States, and very few of them mention
the acquistion of particles at all. These articles include the ones
published by Igarashi, K., Wudthayagorn, J., Donato, R. & Tucker,
G.R. (2002); Antonek, J., Donato, R. & Tucker, G.R. (2000); Carpenter,
K., Fujii, N. & Kataoka, H. (1995); and Hakuta, K. (1982). I was
wondering if anyone is aware of research on the acquisition of
locative particles by Japanese L2 learners that I may have missed. I
would greatly appreciate your help with this and promise in return to
post all relevant article references on the Linguist List for future

Subject-Language: English;French;Japanese; Code: JPN 
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Message 2: Deaf Child fr Minority Language Family

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 10:29:09 -0500 (EST)
From: June Yang <>
Subject: Deaf Child fr Minority Language Family


I am June from Singapore and currently a research student in the
National University of Singapore (NUS). My research in on the language
learning situation of deaf children from non-English speaking

In Singapore, the sign system used to teach the Deaf is Signing Exact
English (SEE II), which is based on the English language. My informant
will be a deaf child from a family speaking Mandarin and Chinese
dialects, instead of English.

I am interested in finding out how the learning of English by the deaf
child is affected by his family linguistic background and sequential
acquisition of SEE II (after Home Signs), as well as the problems the
child faces.

I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to locate published materials
on the subject matter in Singapore due to a lack sign language studies

It would be great if anybody had any research articles to share or
sources which you could point me to in locating the articles. Thanks!
My email address is
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