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Tue Nov 23 2004

Qs: 'Quantificational Agreement'; Recording Equipment

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        1.    Derek Sandoval, Semantic (determiner) agreement
        2.    Antheia Dorn Cadette, Recording Equipment

Message 1: Semantic (determiner) agreement

Date: 22-Nov-2004
From: Derek Sandoval <>
Subject: Semantic (determiner) agreement

Dear Linguist List,

I would like to know if there is any data on any language
having ''quantificational agreement'', i.e. morphological
agreement with the semantics of the determiner or
quantifier. E.g. ''the student-def'', ''a student-indef'',
''every student-univ'' and such.

Thank you very much in advance,
Derek Linguistic Field(s): Morphology

Message 2: Recording Equipment

Date: 23-Nov-2004
From: Antheia Dorn Cadette <>
Subject: Recording Equipment

I am getting ready for field research in the acquisition of the
phonological system in L2. As such, my data will include 5-10 minute
recordings of each subject. I am therefore in search of a tape recorder and
microphone that would provide excellent recording since following my data
collection, I will be carrying out acoustique analyses of each recording. I
am willing to spend maximum $500USD. Can I get some advice as to the kind
of equipment that I could get (brand, type, digital/analogue etc.) for that

Thank you Linguistic Field(s): Not Applicable

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