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Tue Nov 09 2004

Qs: Minimal Pairs in Uighur; MacLaury on Hungarian

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        1.    Jennifer Seale, Minimal Pairs in Uighur [UIG]
        2.    Adam Glaz, MacLaury on Hungarian

Message 1: Minimal Pairs in Uighur [UIG]

Date: 08-Nov-2004
From: Jennifer Seale <>
Subject: Minimal Pairs in Uighur [UIG]


I'm working on Uighur phonology and am trying to find a good source for
minimal pairs in Uighur. Any ideas? Also, would love to talk with people
about the Uighur language in general. Feel free to e-mail me at Linguistic Field(s): Phonology

Message 2: MacLaury on Hungarian

Date: 09-Nov-2004
From: Adam Glaz <>
Subject: MacLaury on Hungarian

Dear Linguists,

In 1997 Rob MacLaury, Judit Almási and Zoltán Kövecses published a paper in
Semiotica on the relationship between the Hungarian words for ''red'':
piros and vöros. One of the Hungarian expressions they list is ''piros mint
as alma'', which is glossed as 'red as an apple'. It is said to refer to a
person's health, but - not being a speaker of Hungarian - I don't know in
what sense. Could someone update me?


Adam Glaz
UMCS, Lublin, Poland Linguistic Field(s): Semantics

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