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Fri Jan 23 2004

Qs: Stylometry/Electronic Text; Field Equipment

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  1. Mila Popova, stylometry
  2. Katie Alcock, Another question about field recording equipment

Message 1: stylometry

Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 16:00:45 -0500 (EST)
From: Mila Popova <>
Subject: stylometry

Dear all,

I would like to receive any information concerning stylometric
researches in the field of electronic texts. Recent papers will be
very helpful. Also links or any other information.

Thank you in advance
Mila Popova

P.S. If you have additional data on stylometry, i will be grateful if
you send it to me.

Subject-Language: English;French; Code: FRN 
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Message 2: Another question about field recording equipment

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 10:19:25 +0000
From: Katie Alcock <>
Subject: Another question about field recording equipment

I was sent a very helpful link to a recent discussion on field recording

The consensus seemed to be that minidiscs were the way to go. I have a
slightly specific set of questions which is not quite answered by the
summary. We are collecting child speech, and wish also to record
child-directed speech, in Kenyan villages, and we want the children to be
free to move around in their usual activities; we've been using regular tape
recorders (walkman size) in little backpacks, with tie-clip microphones, but
would like to upgrade - partly to make it easier

What are people's experiences of using minidiscs in hot, dusty and humid
conditions? Are they reliable? Are they robust i.e. can stand being dropped
by children, don't clog up?

Has anyone used one of the newer compact digital recorders e.g. those made
by Olympus? Does anyone have any comments on quality and reliability
(especially in hot, dusty and humid environments)? Our computer manager is
very keen on these but if no-one's used them, or the quality isn't good
enough, I'm not embarking into uncharted territory!

Finally does anyone have a recommendation for a good tie-clip microphone
that will pick up the other speech in the room?


Katie Alcock

Katie Alcock, DPhil
Department of Psychology
University of Lancaster
Fylde College
Lancaster LA1 4YF
Tel 01524 593833
Fax 01524 593744
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