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Thu Apr 3 2003

Qs: Discourse Markers, Quiz Show Linguistics

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  1. ANETA ASZTEMBORSKA, Discourse Markers
  2. Joachim Grabowski, Linguistic knowledge in quiz shows

Message 1: Discourse Markers

Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 22:38:56 +0200
Subject: Discourse Markers

I am the third - year student of English philology. I am writing 
diploma paper on : the respective use of English discourse 
markers in contextual styles. I have read Deborah Schiffrin's 
book but it is too little for me.I need more specific and 
detailed articles or publications providing me with knowledge 
about different roles of markers in conversation, properties of 
If you have enough time and it doesn't make you any troubles, I 
would like you to mail me and support with the linguistic 
materials I really need.
Thank you in advance.
Please, give me the answer as soon as it possible.

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Message 2: Linguistic knowledge in quiz shows

Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 16:10:58 +0000
From: Joachim Grabowski <>
Subject: Linguistic knowledge in quiz shows

Dear colleagues, we are currently running a research project on quiz
show knowledge from the perspective of cultural participation,
particularly investigating the role of linguistic knowledge. Our main
data base is a question corpus from ''Who wants to be millionaire?''
and its German clone ''Wer wird Millionaer?''. While in the German
show linguistic items are considered easy, inter-cultural comparisons
reveal different importance of linguistic items.

The quiz show format ''Who wants to be a millionaire'' is licensed in
99 countries. In order to complete our files, and to get access to
data represented in the internet, we kindly ask the LINGUIST community
all over the world to send an e-mail with (a) the exact title of the
respective quiz show in his or her country and the according language,
(b) the name of the TV channel which broadcasts the show, and (c) if
possible, the website address of this TV channel (so that we can look
up all documentation). Please mail to

We would also welcome any cross-cultural collaboration on this
topic. We offer a multi-variable classification schema of quiz show
knowledge (within the one-out-of-four-format) that is particularly
adapted to cultural specificy and to what counts as easy or difficult
in a culture. The analysis of culture-specific differences in the
relevance of linguistic knowledge, within a global uniform format,
appears very promising so far.

Joachim Grabowski
University of Education
Heidelberg, Germany 
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