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Mon Mar 31 2003

FYI: Graduate Course, NASSLLI 2003 Registration

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  1. Dan Sheppard, Graduate Course: Computer Speech, Text, and Internet Technology
  2. NASSLLI'03 Bloomington, Indiana, NASSLLI 2003. Registration is open now.

Message 1: Graduate Course: Computer Speech, Text, and Internet Technology

Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 16:41:14 +0000
From: Dan Sheppard <>
Subject: Graduate Course: Computer Speech, Text, and Internet Technology


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 This course has replaced the highly successful M.Phil in
 Computer Speech and Language Processing. 

 Like its predecessor, a key aim of the masters course in
 Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology is to teach the
 fundamental theory of speech and natural language processing.
 However, the new course also focuses on its application to
 information management and access within the framework of emerging
 Internet and W3C standards, such as XML text and speech annotation.

 It runs from early October to end of July and consists of two terms 
 of lectures and practicals followed by a three month project. The
 final degree is awarded on the basis of coursework, examination
 and project.

 The course differs from some other programmes by providing an
 in-depth practical and theoretical grounding in the techniques for
 speech and language processing which form the basis for today's
 commercial and research prototype systems. There are strong links
 with industry and many of our past students have gone on to work
 for high-tech start-ups and industrial research laboratories, either
 immediately or after completing a PhD.

 To further strengthen our links with industry, we are making this
 course available to students wishing to pursue it on a part-time
 basis. (Note that part-time enrolment requires attendance in
 Cambridge 1+1/2 days / week during term time.) 

 Cambridge is a major international centre for research in both
 speech and language processing. The course is taught by leading
 researchers in these areas who have active collaborations with
 industrial and academic laboratories in Europe, the US and Japan.

 The EPSRC have funded a number of studentships for the course which
 are currently available to qualifying applicants. We especially
 encourage applications from students with a background in
 engineering, computer science, mathematics, and/or linguistics.

For further details please consult the course URL:

or contact:

Lise Gough 
University of Cambridge 
Computer Laboratory 
William Gates Building 
15 JJ Thomson Avenue 
Cambridge CB3 0FD 
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 334656 
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Message 2: NASSLLI 2003. Registration is open now.

Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 12:19:28 -0500 (EST)
From: NASSLLI'03 Bloomington, Indiana <>
Subject: NASSLLI 2003. Registration is open now.

<apologies for multiple postings>

		Registration for NASSLLI 2003 is now open.
			For details, please visit

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The main focus of NASSLLI is on the interface between linguistics, logic,
and computation, broadly conceived, and on related fields. NASSLLI is a
week-long summer school featuring courses on many topics of interest to
students and researchers. Some of the course topics are introductory,
while others are advanced courses that bring students to areas of active

The instructors are leading researchers who like teaching in
interdisciplinary settings. Three of the courses involve work in computer
labs as well. 

Please join us for a week of learning!

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Registration does not include accommodations. We have arranged rooms in a
renovated, air-conditioned dormitory at the rate of $37/night/person + 11%
tax. These are single rooms with a bathroom shared between two rooms. You
will need to pay for this when you are here with cash, check, MasterCard
or Visa. To reserve one of these rooms please send an e-mail to , detailing for which days you will need the room.

In addition, our page on hotels lists some other housing options.

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Register for NASSLLI alone
 Before May 1 After May 1 
Full-time Student $135 $150 
Academic $200 $225 
Industrial $280 $315 
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Register for MoL alone
To register for MoL alone, without NASSLLI: $43. 
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Register for TARK alone
To register for TARK alone, without NASSLLI: For students: $100 
					 For others: $150 
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Register for NASSLLI + TARK
		 Before May 1 After May 1 
Full-time Student $210	 $225 
Academic 	 $325	 $350 
Industrial 	 $405	 $440 

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