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Thu Feb 6 2003

Qs: Greenlandic Ingressives, Orthography

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  1. Robert Eklund, Ingressives in Greenlandic Language(s)?
  2. Rajaa Aquil, Orthography effect on processing spoken language

Message 1: Ingressives in Greenlandic Language(s)?

Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 04:49:13 +0000
From: Robert Eklund <>
Subject: Ingressives in Greenlandic Language(s)?

A year ago or so I posted a query on pulmonic ingressive speech for a
review article I am preparing. (I received a few answers pointing me
to relevant works. Thanks!)

I am now asking more specifically whether there are any sources
(exhaustive or brief) on Greenlandic language(s) that either do
mention, or could possibly mention, whether pulmonic ingressives exist
in Greenlandic.

Alternatively, if someone could point me to someone who might know,
that would also be great.

The reason I'm asking is that I've tracked down a reference that seems
to indicate the existence of pulmonic ingressives in ''Greenlandic''
in the 18th century, and I would very much like to know whether it
still exists.

All help and/or comments are welcome.

(NB! Any comments on pulmonic ingressives in general are still welcome.)

Thanks in advance,


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Robert Eklund
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Message 2: Orthography effect on processing spoken language

Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 06:35:21 +0000
From: Rajaa Aquil <>
Subject: Orthography effect on processing spoken language

I have replicated Mehler, 81 syllable monitoring on Cairene
Arabic (Egyptian colloquial Arabic)and found that Arabic orthogrphy
affected processing the spoken syllable. I was wondering if there are
any studies out there investigating the effect of scripts like Arabic,
Hebrew Japanses, or Chinese on processing spoken language? Thanks in
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