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Wed Feb 5 2003

Calls: Social Communication/Slavic Ling

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  1.>, Social Communication, Cuba
  2. fasl12, Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics, Canada

Message 1: Social Communication, Cuba

Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 19:20:38 -0500
From:> <>
Subject: Social Communication, Cuba



JANUARY 20-24, 2003


More important aspects:

- Participation of 168 foreigners specialist for 26 countries: Belgium
(6), Bolivia (1), Brasil (24), Canada (5), Chile (2), China (2),
Colombia (1), Spain (25), USA (27), France (26), Holland (3), UK (6),
Ireland (3), Italy (3), Jamaica (1), Japan (3), Mexico (13), Norway
(1), Portugal (4), Puerto Rico (1), Check Republic (1), Russia (1),
Sweden (4), Switzerland (1), Uruguay (2), Venezuela (2))

- Participation of 135 Cuban specialist from 10 provinces

- Publication of the Proceedings with 282 papers from all participants
(1341 pages in two volumes). ACTAS-I (1-642 pages), ISBN 959-7174-01-4
and ACTAS II (643-1341 pages), ISBN 959-7174-02-2.

- The Congress had two Pre-Symposium Seminars:

 . Construccion de Diccionarios Electronicos.
 Dr. Xabier Arregi Iparragirre
 University of Basque Country

 . Tecnicas para la Ensenanza del Idioma Ingles.
 Dra. Holly Wilson
 Alliant International University

- Dr. Gisela Cardenas Molina, President of Cuban Linguistics
Association opened the Symposium with the talk: "Corrientes en el
analisis del discurso".

- The Symposium had the following magistral talks

 . On the Ownership of Text.
 Prof. Dr. Yorick Wilks
 Department of Computer Science
 Sheffield University
 United Kingdom

 . Some challenges for a grammar of spoken
 Prof. Dr. Jens Allwood
 Linguistics Department 
 University of Gothenburg

- The book "Contribuciones a la Linguistica Aplicada en America
Latina", printed in the UNAM, Mexico, was presented in the Symposium.

in Santiago de Cuba, January 2005.

Center of Applied Linguistics
Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
Santiago de Cuba
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Message 2: Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics, Canada

Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 13:08:37 +0000
From: fasl12 <>
Subject: Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics, Canada

12th Workshop on Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics

Short Title: FASL-12
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Date: 09-MAY-03 - 11-MAY-03

Call Deadline: 21-Feb-2003

Web Site:
Contact Person: Organizing Committee
Meeting Email:
Linguistic Subfield(s): General Linguistics

This is a meeting of the following standing conference:
2nd North American Summer School in Logic, Language and Information

Meeting Description: 
Invited Speakers: Robert D. Borsley, John F. Bailyn, Helen Goodluck.
Papers on all topics dealing with formal aspects of any area of
theoretical Slavic linguistics (synchronic or diachronic) are
welcome. Presentations will take twenty minutes, with an additional
ten minute discussion. Abstracts should be anonymous and no longer
than one page, (an additional page for references and examples can be
also included), with margins of at least 1 inch, letter size
12. Submissions are limited to a maximum of one individual and one
joint abstract per author. Abstracts should be sent by e-mail as a
Word or RTF file, or by regular mail (6 copies). Attach a separate
file containing: title, author's name and address, affiliation and
e-mail address. Abstracts should be sent to:

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: February 21, 2003 We hope to make a
program available by March 30, 2003. Mailing address:

Organizing Committee
Department of Linguistics, University of Ottawa
70 Laurier Ave East
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5

Phone:(613) 562 52 86; Fax: (613) 562 5141; Email: 
For further information on FASL-12:
Organizing Committee: Maria-Luisa Rivero (University of Ottawa), Olga 
Arnaudova (University of Ottawa), Danijela Stojanovic (University of 
Ottawa/McGill), Wayles Browne (Cornell University). 


As a one-time event, there will be a special poster session at FASL-12
on Slavic Psycholinguistics, including but not limited to first and
second language acquisition, language attrition, processing, language
disorders, and neurolinguistics. Abstracts for the special session
will be refereed separately from the abstracts submitted to the
general session. Same specifications as for general session FASL
abstract submission apply. You may submit the same abstract to both
the regular FASL-12 program and to the special poster session; in that
case, you must indicate on the top of your abstract which venue would
be your first choice, if both are accepted. Papers from this session
will be published in a special edition of Cahiers Linguistiques
d'Ottawa. For further information on special session on Slavic

Douzi�me colloque sur les approches formelles en linguistique slave
Universit� d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada
Du 9 au 11 mai 2003
Conf�renciers(�res) invit�(e)s: Robert D. Borsley, John F. Bailyn, Helen 

Des propositions de communication touchant aux aspects formels de la
linguistique th�oritique slave (synchronique ou diachronique) sont
accept�es. Les pr�sentations seront de vingt minutes, suivies
d'une discussion de 10 minutes. Les r�sum�s de communication
doivent �tre anonymes, sans d�passer une page (une page additionnelle
est permise pour les r�f�rences et les exemples). Les marges doivent
�tre de 2.5 cm et les caract�res doivent avoir 12 points. Seulement
une communication individuelle et une communication en collaboration
sont permises. Vous pouvez faire parvenir vos propositions soit par
courriel en format Word ou RTF, soit par la poste (6 copies). SVP
inclure un document � part contenant le titre de la pr�sentation, le
nom de l'auteur(e), son adresse, son affiliation et son adresse
�lectronique. Envoyez les propositions � l'adresse suivante : La date limite est le 21 f�vrier, 2003 

Un programme preliminaire devrait �tre disponible le 30 mars 2003.
Comit� organisateur: Maria-Luisa Rivero (Universit� d'Ottawa), Olga
Arnaudova (Universit� d'Ottawa), Danijela Stojanovic (Universit�
d'Ottawa/McGill), Wayles Browne (Cornell University.)


Pendant le colloque FASL-12, il y aura une session d'affiche sp�ciale
portant sur la psycholinguistique slave et touchant, entre autres, �
l'acquisition de la langue maternelle, � l'acquisition de la langue
seconde, � la perte du langage, au traitement du langage, aux
troubles de la communication, ainsi qu'� la neurolinguistique. Les
propositions pour la session d'affiche sp�ciale seront �valu�es
s�par�ment. Les crit�res de soumission sont les m�mes que pour les
propositions r�guli�res. Vous pouvez soumettre la m�me proposition
dans le cadre des communications du colloque. Dans ce cas, indiquez au
haut de la feuille de proposition, dans quelle session vous
pr�f�reriez participer si vous �tiez accept� aux deux. Les
articles de la session d'affiche seront publi�s dans une �dition
sp�ciale des Cahiers Linguistiques d'Ottawa.
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