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Fri Jan 24 2003

FYI: ESSLLI03, AAHL Announcement, Phonology Conf

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  1. info, [ESSLLI03] 1st Call
  2. McGinnis, Scott, Organizational announcement: Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages
  3. Marc van Oostendorp, Old World Conferences in Phonology

Message 1: [ESSLLI03] 1st Call

Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 14:10:38 +0100
From: info <>
Subject: [ESSLLI03] 1st Call

 ESSLLI 2003

 15th European Summer School in Logic,
 Language and Information

 August 18-29, Vienna

Each year the European Association for Logic, Language and Information,
(FoLLi) organizes a European Summer School (ESSLLI) the main focus of
which is the interface between linguistics, logic and computation.
Courses at foundational, introductory and advanced level are given,
the aim of which is to provide for researchers and postgraduate as well
as advanced master students the possibility to familiarize themselves
with other areas of research, and to enable students and researchers to
acquire more specialized knowledge about topics they are already familiar
with. The school also features several workshops, and a student session
in which Master and PhD students can present their work.

This year the 15th ESSLLI Summer School will take place at the Technical
University of Vienna, the beautiful and cultural capital of Austria.
During two weeks 43 courses will be given. They cover a wide variety of
topics within the combined areas of interest: Language and Logic, Language
and Computation, and Logic and Computation. There will be a series of
invited lectures, and several workshops with open calls for papers.

Please, visit our website at for detailed

For information about FoLLi and the previous editions of ESSLLI see

Deadline of the early registration: June 15, 2003.

For other information please send an email to:

International Program Committee:

Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova (chair)
Alexander Leitsch (co-chair)
Karen Sparck Jones
Gosse Bouma
Wojciech Buszkowski
Johan Bos
Thomas Eiter
Ian Horrocks

Local Organizing Committee

Matthias Baaz (chair)
Arnold Beckmann
Agata Ciabattoni
Rosalie Iemhoff
Norbert Preining
Sebastiaan Terwijn
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Message 2: Organizational announcement: Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages

Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 15:22:00 -0500
From: McGinnis, Scott <>
Subject: Organizational announcement: Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages

Good day, all,

 On October 18-20, 2002, nearly 300 people gathered in Tysons
Corner, Virginia, for the Second National Conference on Heritage
Languages in America. The conference brought together heritage
language community and school leaders, representatives from pre-K-12
schools and colleges and universities, world-renowned researchers, and
federal and state policymakers to plan and lead new initiatives in
heritage language development in the United States.

 While the conference in itself can be viewed as a success, it is
even more important that we capitalize on the talent of those who
attended the conference and their commitment to building on and
developing the language proficiency of heritage language speakers in
our country. High levels of language proficiency among heritage
language speakers will assist in meeting our needs in global economic
competitiveness, national security, civic engagement and
participation, community leadership, and cultural preservation. To
build this national resource, we need policies, strategies, and
resources. We also need structures through which we can collaborate to
accomplish this vision.

 Accordingly, representatives of the conference organizers, the
Center for Applied Linguistics and the National Foreign Language
Center, have declared the establishment of the Alliance for the
Advancement of Heritage Languages. Over the past several months, a
number of preliminary organization-building activities have been
undertaken, including the creation of a Web site and an e-mail
discussion list. The Web site is already operational at If you are not already subscribed to the new
list, called heritage-alliance, please contact Scott McGinnis at Unlike this existing heritage-list, which deals
with a number of topics in heritage language education, research,
publications and jobs, heritage-alliance will be relatively "quiet"
and will ONLY be used for official postings related to the Alliance.

 In the months ahead, AAHL activities will include the selection
of an action board, and the development of a set of policy statements
and activities for the upcoming calendar year.

	Apologies for those of you that will be receiving multiple
copies of this posting.

 Questions and comments may be directed to Scott McGinnis, at
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Message 3: Old World Conferences in Phonology

Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 07:34:13 +0000
From: Marc van Oostendorp <>
Subject: Old World Conferences in Phonology

Old-World Conferences in Phonology

During the phonology conference which took place in Leiden, 9-11
January, 2003, and which was already optimistically called 'the
*first* Old-World Conference in Phonology' (OCP1) by its organizers,
the participants decided that the organisation of this event should
turn into a biannual tradition.

 From now on, there hopefully will be an OCP somewhere in Europe every
second year (untill all problems in phonological theory have been
solved to the satisfaction of everybody involved). OCP will provide a
platform to phonologists of all theoretical convictions and other
researchers interested in phonological theory. The OCP's will
alternate with the North American Phonology Conference (NAPhC), of
which the previous one took place in 2003 and the next one, hopefully,
in 2005.

It has been decided that the second OCP (OCP2) will take place in
Tromso probably in January 2005. Other prospective venues for OCP
Meetings are Rhodes/Crete, Berlin/Potsdam, London, Lille and
Utrecht/Leiden/Amsterdam. An informal 'steering group' has been set
up, which will consist of the organizers of the previous OCP, together
with those of the next one. At present this means that the following
phonologists are in this informal committee at present: Patrick Bye &
Curt Rice (Tromso)), Jeroen van de Weijer (Leiden), Marc van
Oostendorp (Meertens Institute, Amsterdam). They will set up a small
website in the future, which will act as a reference for information
on the OCP, and they will organize a mailing list for information on
the conference.
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