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Fri Apr 11 2003

Qs: Multilingual Word Lists; Ted Dunning

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  1. Daniel Wedgwood, Parallel multilingual word lists
  2. Jem Clear, Calling Ted Dunning

Message 1: Parallel multilingual word lists

Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 18:37:24 +0100 (BST)
From: Daniel Wedgwood <>
Subject: Parallel multilingual word lists

Does anyone know of good sources of parallel word lists in a number of
languages? I'm looking for any fixed set of 'meanings' given in a
variety of languages -- the 100- or 200-word Swadesh lists would do
fine; longer lists would be even better. The intention is to use these
for research into computational methods of cross-linguistic

Collections of lists from non-Indo-European language families would be
particularly useful. Since the Swadesh list is a recognised 'standard'
list, I'd also be interested to learn of references to works
containing the Swadesh list for just a few languages or even a single
language, in the hope that a significant number of these can be put
together. Since lists based on common meanings are required, works
that list only cognates in different languages are unfortunately not
so useful.

I'm already aware of the following resources, which others may also
find useful: - includes a large database of Swadesh lists,
but at present most of them are far from complete

Dyen, Kruskal and Black's Indo-European data (from "An Indoeuropean
Classification: A Lexicostatistical Experiment", Transactions of the
American Philosophical Society, 1992, vol. 82/5), available online at

I'd be very grateful to receive any pointers to other useful resources
and will post a summary of responses.

Dan Wedgwood
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics,
University of Edinburgh				
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Message 2: Calling Ted Dunning

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 05:16:02 -0400
From: Jem Clear <jemJEMCLEAR.CO.UK>
Subject: Calling Ted Dunning

I need to contact Ted Dunning -- he was once at the Computer Research Labs
(??) at New Mexico State University. Anyone got a current email address for
him now? He did some corpus work in the early 1990s using Log Likelihood in
computing interesting corpus-derived statistics.

(Sorry to clutter up the list with this intellectually-vacuous post, but I
don't know how else to track the guy down. Google didn't come up with
anything after about 1994.)
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