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TOC: Spatial Cognition and Computation Vol. 1

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  1. kap-listman, Spatial Cognition and Computation. Vol. 1, Issue 4, 1999

Message 1: Spatial Cognition and Computation. Vol. 1, Issue 4, 1999

Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 02:10:11 +0100 (MET)
From: kap-listman <>
Subject: Spatial Cognition and Computation. Vol. 1, Issue 4, 1999

Spatial Cognition and Computation
An Interdisciplinary Journal

ISSN 1387-5868

Vol. 1, Issue 4, 1999.

TITLE: Spatial Reference Systems
AUTHOR(S): Steffen Werner, Christopher Habel
KEYWORD(S): reference frames, survey knowledge.
PAGE(S): 3-7

TITLE: Geometric structures of frames of reference and natural language
AUTHOR(S): Carola Eschenbach
KEYWORD(S): axiomatic characterization, frame of reference, geometry,
 spatial language, spatial relation.
PAGE(S): 329-348

TITLE: A uniform anthropomorphological approach to the human 
 conception of dimensional relations
AUTHOR(S): Joachim Grabowski
KEYWORD(S): anthropomorphology, frames of reference, mental rotation,
 psycholinguistics, spatial relations, spatial cognition.
PAGE(S): 349-363

TITLE: Selecting a reference frame
AUTHOR(S): Laura A. Carlson
KEYWORD(S): inhibition, reference Frames, selection, spatial relations.
PAGE(S): 365-379

TITLE: ''Could you hand me those keys on the right-`` Disentangling
 spatial reference frames using different methodologies
AUTHOR(S): Holly A. Taylor, Susan J. Naylor, Robert R. Faust, 
 Phillip J. Holcomb
KEYWORD(S): event-related potentials (ERPs), methodological comparison,
 object-centered processing, reference frames, spatial ambiguity,
 viewer-centered processing.
PAGE(S): 381-397

TITLE: Why do speakers mix perspectives-
AUTHOR(S): Barbara Tversky, Paul Lee, Scott Mainwaring
KEYWORD(S): deictic, frame of reference, intrinsic, perspective, referent
 object, route, spatial cognition, spatial mental model, survey.
PAGE(S): 399-412

TITLE: Children`s control of reference systems in spatial tasks-
 Foundations of spatial cognitive skill-
AUTHOR(S): Gary L. Allen
KEYWORD(S): reference systems, spatial cognitive skill.
PAGE(S): 413-429

TITLE: Representing a stable environment by egocentric updating
 and invariant representations
AUTHOR(S): Ranxiao Frances Wang
KEYWORD(S): egocentric updating, navigation, recognition, reference frame, 
 spatial representation.
PAGE(S): 431-445

TITLE: Environmental reference systems for large-scale spaces
AUTHOR(S): Steffen Werner, Kristine Schmidt
KEYWORD(S): large-scale environments, navigation, spatial cognition,
 spatial memory, spatial orientation, spatial reference systems.
PAGE(S): 447-473

TITLE: Egocentric frames of reference used for the retrieval of
 survey knowledge learned by map and navigation
AUTHOR(S): M. Jeanne Sholl
KEYWORD(S): reference frames, survey knowledge.
PAGE(S): 475-494

TITLE: Contents of Volume 1
KEYWORD(S): reference frames, survey knowledge.
PAGE(S): 495-497

TITLE: Author Index Volume 1
KEYWORD(S): reference frames, survey knowledge.
PAGE(S): 499-499

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