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Tue Feb 6 2001

Confs: Formal Pragmatics - Humboldt Univ/ Germany

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  1. Anton Benz, Formal Pragmatics - Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Message 1: Formal Pragmatics - Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 16:17:59 +0100
From: Anton Benz <>
Subject: Formal Pragmatics - Humboldt University Berlin, Germany


Date: 16. to 18. March 2001,
Location: Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Organised by
 Anton Benz (Berlin)
 Reinhard Blutner (Berlin)
 Bart Geurts (Berlin/Nijmegen)
- -------------------------------------------

Although formal pragmatics has a long tradition, 
it has generally been in the shadow of formal 
semantics. But recently there has been a rapid
progress in the field, as witness the 
development of new approaches such as:

 - Optimality theory (OT)
 - Game and decision Theory
 - Theory of distributed Systems
 - Logic-based approaches
 - Extensions of dynamic semantics
 - Extensions of classical pragmatic 

This workshop offers an opportunity for the 
discussion of new approaches to formal 

Information about participation, registration, 
and the preliminary program are available at

Invited Speakers:
- ---------------

Nicholas Asher (Austin)
Helen de Hoop (Utrecht)
Laurence R. Horn (Yale)
Arthur Merin (Munich)

- ----

Daniel B�ring:
Discourse-Trees and Dynamic Updates

Tim Fernando:
A modal framework for presupposition

Hans-Martin G�rtner:
Bound Focus and Assertionality: Evidence from V2-

Michael Grabski:
Elaborating the Discourse Topic Using Sentence 

Andrea Gualmini, Luisa Meroni, Maria Teresa 
Guasti, Gennaro Chierchia, Stephen Crain:
Experimental Investigations on the 
Semantics/Pragmatics Interface in Child Language

Christine Gunlogson:
Rising Declarative Questions

Petra Hendriks:
Dislocated "Either" and Anaphora

Yan Huang:
Long-distance reflexivisation, Optimality Theory 
and neo-Gricean pragmatics

Peter Krause:
Presupposition justification as abductive 
reasoning - a formalization 

Manfred Kupffer:
An ontology for expressions, occurences, and 

Ingolf Max:
Reanalizing Grice's Square Brackets Device

Rob van Rooy:
Implicatures and Relevance in Bidirectional-OT

Uli Sauerland:
In Defense of a Global Account of Scalar 

Bernhard Schr�der, Hans-Christian Schmitz:
Representing ambiguous multiple focus 

Jennifer Spenader:
Two takes on too

Carla Umbach:
Contrastive topic and the use of but for topic 

Henk Zeevat:
A Reconstruction of Discourse Representation 
Theory in Bidirectional Optimality Theory

Program Committee
- ---------------

Nicholas Asher (Austin)
Anton Benz (Berlin)
Reinhard Blutner (Berlin)
Bart Geurts (Berlin/Nijmegen)
Helen de Hoop (Utrecht)
Laurence R. Horn (Yale)
Gerhard J�ger (Utrecht)
Manfred Krifka (Berlin)
Jason Mattausch (Amsterdam)
Arthur Merin (Munich)
Henk Zeevat (Amsterdam)

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