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TOC: Studies in Language, Volume 24, No.3

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  1. Jessica Balaschak, TOC: Studies in Language, Volume 24, No. 3

Message 1: TOC: Studies in Language, Volume 24, No. 3

Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 15:27:38 -0500
From: Jessica Balaschak <>
Subject: TOC: Studies in Language, Volume 24, No. 3

Studies in Language 24:3 (2000)
John Benjamins Publishing

Noeurng Ourn and John Haiman
Symmetrical Compounds in Khmer

Kazuko Matsumoto
Japanese intonation units and syntactic structure

Martha Swearingen Davis
The past imperfect in Palenquero

Balthasar Bickel
On the syntax of agreement in Tibeto-Burman

Knud Lambrecht
When subjects behave like objects: An analysis of the merging of S and O in 
Sentence-Focus Constructions across languages

Book Reviews
Maarten Lemmens: Lexical Perspectives on Transitivity and Ergativity: 
Causative Constructions in English (Bert Peeters)
Gunlog Josefsson: Minimal Words in a Minimal Syntax (Peter Ackema)
Bernard Comrie, Gerald Stone and Maria Polinsky: Russian language in the 
20th century (Anton Zimmerling)
Laura A. Michaelis: Aspectual Grammar and Past-Time Reference (Sven-Gunnar 
Heide Wegener (ed.): Deutsch kontrastiv: typologisch-vergleichende 
Untersuchungen zur deutschen Grammatik (Mark L. Louden)
Hella Olbertz, Kees Hengeveld and Jesus Sanchez Garcia (eds): The Structure 
of the Lexicon in Functional Grammar (Tamas Polya)
Manfred Pienemann: Language Processing and Second Language Development: 
Processability Theory (Laura L. Sabourin)

Book Notices
Boeder, Winfried & Schroeder, Christoph & Wagner, Karl Heinz & Wildgen, 
Wolfgang: Sprache in Raum und Zeit: In memoriam Johannes Bechert (Martin 
Edgar W. Schneider: Englishes around the World: Studies in Honour of 
Manfred Gorlach (A.A. MacDonald)

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