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Thu May 31 2001

Sum: Cognitive Semantics of Proper Names

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  1. Zouhair Maalej, Cognitive Semantics of Proper Names

Message 1: Cognitive Semantics of Proper Names

Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 17:42:10 +0200
From: Zouhair Maalej <>
Subject: Cognitive Semantics of Proper Names

Dear colleagues,
On Monday, May 14, 2001, I posted the following query:
Linguist 12.1320

I am looking for studies about the significance of proper
names for a paper I am writing on what proper names
reveal about the mind. I am familiar with Carroll (1983),
Allerton (1987), and Marmaridou (1989), but I am not
interested in the functional/pragmatic perspective.
Does anyone out there know of any cognitive semantic
studies of proper names?
I would like to start this summary by thanking the following
people for having helped by indicating references,
pointing to potential sources of references (sometimes
still unpublished), and even sending in offprints of their
own publications:

Anne Sumnicht
Klaus U. Panther
Olaf Jaekel
Jarek Pluciennik
Clai Rice
Willy Van Langendonck
Jean Louis Vaxelaire
Ana Iba�os
Karen van Hoek
Sandy Thompson
J. L. Speranza
Tamar Sovran
Suzanne Kemmer (who promised to get in touch later)
Antonio Barcelona Sanchez
Guy Achard-Bayle
Laura Janda
Valeria A. Belloro

I hope I haven't forgotten anybody. If I have, my apologies.

Although I am primarily interested in the significance of first
names for poeple across gender and languages, I was
agreeably amazed by the wealth of research about place proper
names and surnames (mostly using metonymic approaches).

To end this summary, here are the references I received:

- Bing, Janet (1993). "Names and honorific pronouns in
Gborbo Krahn." In: Mufwene and Moshi (eds.), _Topics in
African Linguistics_. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

- Blount, Ben (1993). "Luo names: reference and meaning."
In: Mufwene and Moshi (eds.), _Topics in African Linguistics_.
Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

- Cohen Gillian & Faulkner Dorothy (1986). "Memory for
Proper Names: Age Differences in Retrieval." British Journal
of Developmental Psychology, Vol.4, n�2, pp.187-197.

- Downing, Pamela (1996). "Proper names as a referential
option in English conversation." In: Barbara Fox (ed.),
_Studies in anaphora_, 95-143. Amsterdam:
John Benjamins.

- Fukatsu, R. (1999). "Proper name anomia after left
temporal lobectomy: A patient study", Neurology 52.

- Iba�os, Ana (n.d.). Philosophical and Semantical Aspects
of Proper Names. Ph.D. (in Portuguese).

- Jaekel, Olaf (1999). "Metonymy in Onomastics." In:
Klaus-Uwe Panther & Guenter Radden (eds.), _Metonymy
in Language and Thought_. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John
Benjamins, p. 211-229.

- Jaekel, Olaf (1998). "Metonymische Strategien in der
Nachnamengebung." In: Wilhelm F.H. Nicolaisen (ed.),
_Proceedings of the XIXth International Congress of
Onomastic Sciences_: Volume 3. Aberdeen: Department
of English, University of Aberdeen, p. 195-203.

- Miller, George A. & Johnson-Laird Philip N. (1976).
 _Language and Perception._ Cambridge: The Belknap
Press of Harvard University Press.

- van Hoek, Karen (1997)._Anaphora and Conceptual
Structure_. Chicago University Press.

Kind regards
Dr Zouhair Maalej,
Department of English, Chair,
Faculty of Letters,
University of Manouba,
Tunis-Manouba, 2010, Tunis, Tunisia.
URL: http//:
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